Laptop Under 80000 PKR in Pakistan


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Laptop Under 80000 PKR in Pakistan

Laptop Under 80000 PKR in Pakistan (A Brief Survey)


Having a Laptop is a need of the day in this modern era. It helps us in our lives in various aspects and serves us in different purposes, either communications, entertainment, business, education, office work, etc.

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Best Laptop Under 80000 PKR in Pakistan
Best Laptop Under 80000 PKR in Pakistan

Always consider your specific needs before choosing a laptop for you. Always keep in mind the main purpose of buying a laptop within your budget. There is a wide range of laptops on the market, like gaming laptops, MacBooks, and many more.

Here we discuss some pocket-friendly laptops with supreme features. Some brands or retailers offer the laptop under 80000 PKR in Pakistan. 

♦ Brands 

  1. HP
  2. Lenovo
  3. Dell
  4. Acer
  5. Asus
  6. MSI
  7. Microsoft Surface
  8. Razer
  9. Samsung

Some of them offer laptops under 80000 PKR in Pakistan. Always give preference to your specific needs when selecting a laptop. If you are a gamer, select a laptop with a steadfast graphics card. On the other hand, if you prefer tasks like graphic design, video editing, programming, etc., you have to prioritize a laptop with a powerful processor and ample RAM. If you desire compactness and a unified user experience, think through options like the MacBook AIR.


When you go for a laptop under 80000 in Pakistan, you should consider these specifications:


(Balance of Performance)

A processor of at least Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5. It provides a worthy balance of performance for your projects.


(Smooth Multi-Tasking)

Aim for 8GB or higher. This will guarantee smooth multitasking.


(Faster Boot Time and Loading)

You will need at least a 256GB SSD for faster boot timing and loading applications.

I always preferred a laptop with both an SSD and an additional HDD for extra storage. 

Graphic Card (optional)

Laptop Under 80000 PKR in Pakistan a brief overview
Laptop Under 80000 PKR in Pakistan a brief overview

(For Intensive Working)

If you are a gamer or graphic designer or have any intensive work, search for a laptop with dedicated graphics like an NVIDIA GTX OR RTX series card.


(Fully HD)

A14 or 15.6-full HD (1920×1080) display should be adequate for the various tasks.

Battery Life


If you have to plan to use it on the go, always prefer a laptop with good battery life. 

Quality and Portability

(For Frequent Uses)

Build material, weight, and overall portability are considerable factors if you need to carry it around frequently.

Additional Features

(To Fulfill Your Needs)

Backlit keyboard, fingerprint readers, and an array of ports (USB, HDMI, etc.) for your desired need. 

Brand and Warranty

(Considerable Factors)

Look into reputable brands that offer after-sale support and warranty options.  

“A Suitable Laptop under 80000 in Pakistan for Graphic Designer”

There are several laptops under 80k that you can buy easily. But here we discussed the most suitable models of laptops, especially for graphic designers.

  1. Dell Inspiration 15-3000 (3576) i5
  2. Dell Inspiration 15 3506:T
  3. HP Pavilion 15
  4. Acer aspire 
  5. Lenovo Idea Pad s145
Laptop Under 80000 PKR in Pakistan Sale on
Laptop Under 80000 PKR in Pakistan Sale on

“The Most Popular Laptops under 80000 in Pakistan” 

You have to check popular online markets and physical stores for laptops according to your needs. Here we discuss some popular brands of laptops that are available in Pakistan: Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, etc. The main best laptops in the budget of 70k to 80k in PKR are:

  1. HP 14s-dq3033tu
  2. HP 14s-dq3032tu
  3. Asus P1411CEA-bv1030

The best laptop between 70k and 80k is the HP 14s-dq3033TU laptop, which is powered by an Intel Pentium Silver N6000 processor and comes with 8 GBDDR4 of RAM and 256 GB of storage. Its screen size is 14 inches and weighs approximately 1.47 kg. 

“The Best Laptop Between 70000 and 80000 in Pakistan”

Some of the best laptops between 70k and 80k in PKR are:

  1. HP14s-DQ3033TU Laptop 

Specifications: Pentium N6000/8GB/256GB SSD/win11

 Price: 74,877 PKR

  1. HP14s-DQ3032TU Laptop

Specifications (Celeron dual-core/8GB/256GB SSD/win 11 Home)

Price: 70,176 PKR

  1. HP14s-DQ3018TU Laptop

Specification: Pentium Quad Core/8GB/256GB SSD/win10 Home

Price: 74,877 PKR

  1. Lenovo V1482C6000KIH Laptop

Specifications: 🙁 AMD Ryzen 3/4GB/1TB/DOS)

Price: 79,557 PKR 

  1. Asus K513EA-BQ303TS Laptop

Specification: (11th Gen core 13/4GB/256GB SSD)

Price: 79,536 PKR

  1. Lenovo Idea Pad slim 3i 81WB01EFIN Laptop

Specification: 10th GEN core i3/8GB/256GB/win 11Home

Price: 79,536 PKR

  1. Asus E410KA-EK103WS Laptop

Specifications: Pentium N6000/8GB/256GB SSD/win 11

Price: 70,197 PKR 

  1. Asus vivo Book 14E410KA-EK101WS Laptop

Specification: 🙁 Pentium Quad core /8GB/256GB SSD/win 11Home)

Price: 79,068 PKR  

  1. Acer EX215-54 Note Book

Specification: 11th Gen core i3/4GB/1TB HDD/win 10 Home (UN.EG JSI-005)

Price: 74,877 PKR

  1. Lenovo Idea Pad 3 151GL0581WH007YIN Laptop

Specification: 🙁 Celeron N4020/4GB/256GB SSD/win11 Home)

Price: 72,516 PKR

Best 2023 Laptop Under 80000 PKR in Pakistan
Best 2023 Laptop Under 80000 PKR in Pakistan
  1. Lenovo 14IGL05 81W007KIN Laptop

Specification: (Celeron Dual core/4GB SSD/win11Home)

Price: 72,072 PKR

  1. Lenovo Idea Pad 3 14IGL05 81WH001NIN Laptop

Specification: (Celeron Dual Core/4GB/256GB SSD/win 10 home) 

Price: 72,516 PKR 

  1. Lenovo Idea Pad 3 81WQ0099IN Laptop

Specification: (Celeron Dual Core/4GB/256GB SSD/win 10 Home)

Price: 72,516 PKR

  1. Asus Vivo Book X509FA-BR301T Laptop
Specifications: (10th Gen core i3/4GB/1TB/win10)

Price: 79,677 PKR 

  1. Lenovo Idea Pad 3 15IGL05 81WQ008QIN Laptop

Specifications: (Celeron N4020/4GB/256GB SSD/win 10 Home)

Price: 72,516 PKR 

[NOTE: These are the updated prices until Aug. 21, 2023.] [The prices may be changed according to recent updates.]

Some other recommended laptops under 80000 in Pakistan are:

  1. Dell inspiron 15 7000 series
  2. HP Pavilion x 360
  3. Asus ROG Strix G 15
  4. Acer predator Helios 300
  5. Lenovo legion Y540
  6. Apple Mac Book Air

You must check the reviews, ratings, and comparisons of prices across different markets to get the best one. Also, think about the cost of software, accessories, or extended warranties. 


The laptop is considered a necessity nowadays. Always choose the best laptop according to your budget, and always select one with better specifications and features as the value of money. Here we have described a brief overview of the best laptops under 80000 in Pakistan. 


How many brands offer laptops in this price range?

Several reputed brands offer laptops in this range like HP, DELL, Asus, Acer,   Lenovo, etc. 

◊ Which are the best specifications that a laptop must have under 80000 in Pakistan?

A laptop with an Intel Core i3 or i5 processor, an AMD Ryzen 5 processor, 8 GB of RAM, and a dedicated graphic card is the recommended specification.

◊ Can I find a laptop for graphic design or go for a gaming laptop within this budget? 

Yes, you can find a laptop for graphics design or gaming. 

◊ Can we find a laptop with SSD storage or with good battery life in this range?

Yes, some brands offer SSD storage specifications and a decent battery life.

◊ Is there a warranty available for a laptop in this budget? 

Yes, you can find many laptops with a standard manufacturer warranty     budget.

◊ Where can I find reviews and ratings for laptops under 80000 in Pakistan? 

You can find ratings and reviews on various online platforms like Amazon, Daraz, OLX, and many other technology forums.

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