How to Become a Programmer From Scratch?


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How to Become a Programmer From Scratch

How to Become a Programmer From Scratch? Mastering Tech Power


Developing programming skills and entering the realm of programming necessitates commitment and diligence. While not excessively intricate, selecting your trajectory demands thoughtful contemplation.

How to Become a Programmer From Scratch Mastering Tech Power
How to Become a Programmer From Scratch Mastering Tech Power

Consider your passions and identify areas that resonate with you. Additionally, evaluate your competence and proficiencies in specific domains.

Would you prefer crafting games, designing web or mobile applications, or exploring artificial intelligence?

Making informed decisions in these spheres will heighten your motivation throughout the learning journey. It’s crucial to recognize that every instance within a particular field contributes to your learning.

Furthermore, channeling efforts into honing programming skills within your chosen domain should remain your primary objective.

The edition provides guidance on selecting the right domain and programming language for you.

Begin by exploring programming domains that resonate with your interests. Your passion and skillset should align with your chosen domain; select a programming language that reflects this alignment. Success in every career requires a strong sense of passion.

Assess the job market trends. Prioritize domains experiencing growth and high demand. For instance, the fusion of artificial intelligence with mobile and web app development shows promise.

Engaging in projects bridging these domains can be advantageous. Focusing on and mastering such interconnected domains can be highly beneficial.

Certain programming domains poised for future attention encompass mobile programming, desktop programming, web programming, artificial intelligence programming, and computer game programming.

Opting for one of these domains and advancing in learning and skill development within it can serve as the cornerstone of success in the programming sphere.

Explore How to Become a Programmer From Scratch Mastering Tech Power
Explore How to Become a Programmer From Scratch Mastering Tech Power

In a world of constant technological evolution, embracing advancements can provide a competitive edge. Innovations like virtual platforms, artificial intelligence, and applications are reshaping our lives.

Armed with creativity and programming expertise, individuals can make meaningful contributions to the tech industry.

As a programmer, various avenues open up—opportunities to work for diverse companies, from large corporations to freelancing for income. To navigate these paths, clarity about your objectives is crucial.

Do you aim to launch an app, undertake freelance projects, or seek employment at a prominent firm? Clarifying these goals is essential.

Nevertheless, enhancing skills and acquiring more experience are vital to accomplishing these objectives.

Prior to selecting a programming language, comprehending algorithms stands as the pivotal and foremost step in learning programming. At this juncture, defining the program’s steps and processes beforehand primes your mind for coding.

This systematic breakdown, known as algorithmic thinking, lays the foundation. Moreover, utilizing flowcharts—program diagrams—streamlines the code-writing process by offering a comprehensive overview of the program’s execution stages.

This initial focus on learning programming aids in grasping fundamental concepts and approaching coding with efficiency. Mastery of problem-solving techniques and a thorough understanding of algorithms precede delving into the intricacies of programming languages.

Embarking on the programming learning journey entails choosing the optimal path. This involves not only considering the easiest programming language but also defining your trajectory thoughtfully.

For instance, JavaScript stands out as a comprehensive and accessible language for developing web applications or websites. Beginning with JavaScript, alongside HTML and CSS, lays the groundwork for front-end development.

Progress to your primary language, focusing on backend programming after mastering these basics.

Whichever path you opt for demands proficiency in multiple technologies or languages. In the realm of web development, familiarize yourself with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS before diving into your core language.

For mobile development, Java holds significance in the initial stages, while C++ proves vital for Windows application development. Notably, C++ serves as a versatile language applicable across various programming domains.

Starting with C++ and then branching into other domains is recommended for a comprehensive understanding.

How to Become a Programmer From Scratch Learn
How to Become a Programmer From Scratch Learn

Mastering programming across diverse domains necessitates a grasp of fundamental concepts and versatile skills. Strengthening the foundation of your learning involves:

  • Database Management

Utilizing databases such as SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle for storing and retrieving data.

  • Writing Clean Code

Proficiency in crafting readable and well-organized code across programming languages.

  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

Implementing OOP principles for improved code structure and enhanced reusability.

  • Understanding Data Structures

Selecting and employing appropriate data structures to enhance program efficiency.

  • Unit Testing and Execution

Creating unit tests to ensure code accuracy and proper functionality.

  • Version Control Management

Utilizing version control tools like Git to monitor code changes.

  • Adopting Test-Driven Development (TDD)

Implementing TDD methodologies to augment code compatibility.

  • Interacting with APIs

Proficiency in interacting with APIs to facilitate data exchange between systems.

  • Code Security Practices

Understanding security protocols and managing vulnerabilities in code.

  • Documentation Skills

Creating comprehensive code documentation for enhanced comprehension by other developers.

  • Code Profiling Techniques

Employing profiling tools to optimize code performance.

  • Concepts in Software Architecture

Grasping software architecture principles and selecting appropriate structures for projects.

These concepts ensure comprehensive and consistent progress across all programming domains.

Every programming language possesses distinct capabilities and advantages, with over 600 languages available globally. The choice of a programming language is contingent on your field of work, usually categorized into backend and frontend.

Opting to specialize in both domains as a “full-stack developer” is feasible, yet starting with one domain and progressing to others is advisable.

In web development, beginning with languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (JS) is customary. For backend tasks, languages such as PHP, ASP, or Python are viable options. Leveraging JavaScript frameworks is also recommended in this domain.

For mobile development, learning Java for Android proves beneficial. Furthermore, employing the C# language is suggested for the Windows operating system.

The key aspect is to start by learning HTML, CSS, and JS to grasp both backend and frontend domains. This foundational step introduces you to fundamental web language concepts, paving the way for specialization in diverse domains.

Embarking on the journey of learning programming offers a plethora of engaging and challenging resources. Here are some of the leading learning sources spanning all programming domains:

TechQalam: is an interactive website offering excellent tutorials across multiple programming languages like Python, JavaScript, Ruby, and more.

Coursera: Access specialized courses offered by renowned universities and institutions.

edX: Similar to Coursera, edX hosts educational courses provided by prestigious global universities.

Official Python Tutorial: features fundamental Python tutorials.

Django for Web Development: Explore web development using Python through the official Django documentation.

MDN Web Docs: An extensive and updated resource for learning JavaScript.

Node.js Documentation: Access the official Node.js documentation for learning Node.js.

Oracle Java Tutorials: Oracle offers practical tutorials for Java on their platform.

Spring Framework Documentation: Utilize the official Spring documentation for development with the Spring framework.

Learn How to Become a Programmer From Scratch
Learn How to Become a Programmer From Scratch

React Official Documentation: Dive into React.js through the comprehensive React Official Documentation.

  • Docker

Docker Documentation: Access detailed information about containers and Docker via Docker Documentation.

  • Learning Deep Concepts Highly recommended courses for deep learning.

Coursera Deep Learning Specialization: Reputable deep learning courses available in Coursera’s Deep Learning Specialization.

GitHub: Explore and participate in open projects on GitHub to learn from others’ experiences and contribute to practical coding scenarios.

LeetCode: Utilize LeetCode to bolster your algorithmic prowess and deepen your understanding of data structures.

Consistency and engaging in practical exercises are crucial aspects of programming learning. Embrace hands-on projects and tackle complex problems to enrich and fortify your learning experience.


Becoming a programmer is a fulfilling journey that demands commitment and thoughtful choices. Selecting the right programming domain and language aligned with your interests, skills, and market trends is pivotal for success.

Whether you’re drawn to web development, mobile apps, AI, or game programming, syncing your choices with your passions fuels motivation during the learning phase.

Grasping the basics, mastering algorithmic thinking, and refining problem-solving abilities stand as crucial initial steps in programming.

Irrespective of the domain, establishing a robust groundwork in fundamental concepts like databases, clean coding, object-oriented programming, and data structures is indispensable.


Consider aligning your interests and skills with market trends. Start by exploring domains that resonate with you, and choose a language reflecting your passion.

Algorithms lay the groundwork for coding by defining steps and processes beforehand, facilitating efficient coding and problem-solving.

Fundamentals like database management, clean coding, object-oriented programming, data structures, and more form the core foundation.

Start with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for web development. For mobile, Java for Android and C# for Windows are suggested.

Explore platforms like Codecademy, Coursera, and edX for comprehensive tutorials and specialized courses across various languages and domains.

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