What is the Obesity

What is the Obesity

What is the Obesity


Obesity is a condition in which excess fat is stored in a person’s body. If a person continues to eat and does not do any physical exercise to make that fat burn, that person becomes obese.


An obese is a person who possesses obesity.

Difference b/w obesity and overweight

There are many differences, but some of them are as follows:-

If a person’s body weight crosses his normal BMI value, usually 30, that person is obese.If a person has a slightly higher weight than its normal body weight, that person is overweight.
 In this case, weight is greater than the BMI value, which is 30.Normal BMI value, which can be seen in this case which is 25-29.9.
These causes include:-Excessive intake of fast food. Emotional, hormonal imbalances, etc.There causes include:- Genetic problem. High intake of food
There is no direct cure for obesity except avoid eating, excessive surgery treatments regularly.This includes avoiding the intake of food but does not include any surgery.

Geographical problem

Obesity has become a geographical problem because people are unable to avoid eating fast food. This problem is keeping spreading in North America, Australia, China, etc. However, the first problem is overweight that gives way to obesity. If people came to know that they are becoming overweight, then they should adopt precautionary measures.

Worldwide effect

People are becoming the victim of obesity. If we consider adults or children, then children would be considered first because most adults know the effects obesity can cause, but children do not know how junk or fast food will affect their health. They came to know when nothing could be done. In statistics, out of 22 million, 5% of children under five are clinically obese.


BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is not any hard and fast rule to determine obesity or overweight person. However, it can be used as a standard to prevent ourselves from obesity. Some values can be used to determine that we are overweight, underweight, or obese.

  • If the BMI value is below 18.5, then the person is underweight.
  • If the BMI value is 18.5 and 24.9, then the person is healthy.
  • If the BMI value is over 25, then the person is overweight.
  • If the BMI value is over 30, then the person is obese.

  Health is Important

There is a very famous quote or assumption that Obesity is the mother of all diseases.

Mainly we should think that why obesity causes diseases, why we say that the above famous assumption is true. We cannot prove it wrong. Because there is another quote too, that is contrary to this.

Health is wealth

We can only remain healthy when we take a balanced diet.

   “The schedule/routine of taking food that consists of all essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals that helps our body to grow normally instead of making us overweight.”

Excess of nutrients cause problem

The purpose of this point is to tell you that if we keep on taking only one nutrient, for example, protein, because we know that children mostly like protein food. They do not like taking vegetables that contain vitamins, which are essential for the human body. This excess of only one nutrient (PROTEIN) that we were talking, only fulfills their protein needs, and they will remain unhealthy.


Obesity causes many diseases. Some of them are mentioned below:-

  • Diabetes
  • Heart attacks
  • Rise in cholesterol
  • Pain in joints of hind limb
  • Depression


If anything crosses its limits, then it needs to be treated. For example, if a person is taking excessive depression, he should see a psychiatrist or psychologist to take proper medication.

Similarly, if a person becomes excessively obese, some treatments can be used to cure it. This includes simple medication and surgical treatments too.

We will discuss surgical treatments that are very painful, but we will discuss only one famous here: bariatric surgery.

Bariatric surgery

This surgery is for obesity specifically. This surgery is done on the digestive system and as well as on the intestines. This is done for those persons whose BMI value crosses 40. This could also be done for those whose BMI values range between 35 and 40 and who have heart problems and NIDDM.

Non-surgical treatments

BMI could be used as a non-surgical treatment.


All people should aim to make their body weights remain within normal ranges. This could be done by

  • Strong will power
  • Taking a healthy and balanced diet
  • Regular exercise
  • Daily morning walk
  • Use of fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid eating junk or unhygienic food


We should make people aware of this problem by conducting online/ physical seminars. By writing articles on this topic. By instructing doctors to make people aware of this problem whether they come to them for this problem or not. Because we can only prevent people from this by making awareness.

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