What is Homeopathy or homoeopathy

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What is Homeopathy or homoeopathy: It is derived from German word “Homoopathie”, ‘homoo’ mean same ‘Pathie’ mean cure, which on later become HOMEOPATHY. It works on the concept same cures same. God has made whole world but every plant, animal or human with different nature. How it possible one medicine is cure of every ill patient .This could is its basic concept. In an environment in which man live, what he eats, what he brought up all the things effects on Him. Of course these circumstances are not same for all .

So in 1796 Dr. Hahnemann admits that if there are ten patients of same fever they have different symptoms and cannot be cured by same medicine and doses. He also noticed that if a patient had an illness, it could be cured by giving a medicine which, if given to a healthy person, would produce similar symptoms of that same illness but to a slighter degree. Thus, if a patient was suffering from severe nausea, he was given a medicine which in a healthy person would provoke mild nausea. By a process he called ‘proving’, Hahnemann claimed to be able to compile a selection of appropriate remedies. This led to his famous aphorism, ‘like cures like’, which is often called the ‘principle of similar’; and he cited Jenner’s use of cowpox vaccination to prevent smallpox as an example.

What is Homeopathy or homoeopathy
What is Homeopathy or homoeopathy

What is Homeopathy or homoeopathy:

Its second aspect is special mind symptoms which are vice versa to physical symptoms. Its belief is that any type of disease never creates suddenly, there is any cause at the background which gradually develops and in results creates minor or major disaster on body.

            Dr. Hahnemann believes on the concept of vital force, so he made the process of cure easy and simple on the body without any pain. His believes proved real.

            Now billions of people are getting great benefit by this system, easily and without pain. Many doctors uploaded researches, practice results and personal practice proving by themselves on net and books and by other sources.

In my opinion it’s an ocean, it has no limits. During my practice I often got astonished by seeing its results. But I thank God who gave us such a beautiful process of cure with in natural way.

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