What is Climate Change

What is Climate Change

What is Climate Change

There are many social problems in our society as well as in our world. One of them is climate change. There are many reasons for climate change, i.e., burning of fossil fuels, volcanic eruption, emission of natural gas, global warming, etc.

Global warming is the main reason for climate change nowadays. When Earth formed about 4. 54 billion years ago, almost 1/3 of the universe’s age. Climate was changing from that time. We will see in the following that how global warming affects climate.


Global warming causes the greenhouse effect, which was caused by an increase in the concentration of CO2. Global warming is a type of pollution, but the concentration of CO2 is not the cause of pollution unless it will remain within its average concentration.


We have studied and also observed in our daily life that in winters the place where there are many plants for selling purpose or crops. The owners or farmers use plastic windows to capture sunlight. But why only in winters? This question is because of less sunshine availability during winter to capture heat and to build enough temperature for proper development and growth of seeds and plants.

Role of Earth

Similarly, our Earth’s atmosphere acts as a glass sheet or greenhouse sheet to capture heat. The main element that captures sunlight from space is CO2 present in the atmosphere, and now we have to understand why sunlight rays can enter into our atmosphere unable to leave Earth. We will discuss it in the following paragraph.

The sunlight rays that enter into our atmosphere are in the form of ultraviolet rays if we say scientifically, they are of short wavelengths. When they strike onto the Earth, they reflect and become converted into infrared rays, and some of them are usually absorbed by CO2 present in the Earth’s climate. The IR rays reach the Earth’s atmosphere to move out into space again.

The benefit of the greenhouse effect

The greenhouse effect is beneficial for us that maintain the temperature of Earth. If the proper concentration of CO2 is not available, it will become challenging to live on land because, without CO2, no heat effect would be generated and cause severe climate exposures.


We have discussed many advantages of the greenhouse effect, but now we have to notice how the greenhouse effect can cause global warming, which is the main disadvantage. Several activities produce CO2, like forest fires, explosions, and many more causes. There are other gases too that also cause global warming if these gases would be produced in excess. Their percentages are as follows:-

  • 72% carbon dioxide
  • 18% methane
  • 9% nitrous oxide

Graphical analysis

I would also like to show you the graphical analysis of many years of increasing concentration of CO2 on Earth and the total emission of CO2 that has been taking place


This is causing mainly:-

  • Melting of Glaciers
  • Climate change
  • Rise in droughts
  • Increase in hurricanes frequency
  • The rise in sea levels
  • Effect on agriculture
  • Pollution

I will discuss a few of them in detail.

Melting of glaciers

As we have discussed earlier, global warming increases temperature keeping long-wavelength radiations within the Earth’s atmosphere. This increase in temperature makes glaciers melt. This not only increases the risk of floods but also decreases the reserves of water.

For example, there is Montana’s glacier network park. Once there were 150 glaciers. Now there are only 25 glaciers and almost less than 25 acres.

The rise in sea level

As we know that global warming is causing a rise in sea level. This is not directly causing a rise in sea level. Global warming causes the melting of glaciers. This melting of glaciers increases sea level. The majority of people are living in those countries that are near coastal areas. For example, Maldives is a country; however, it consists of islands. They are facing the problem of rising sea levels. There are also many assumptions that it would sink in this century. People have also started migrating to other countries.


The first question is how global warming causes pollution? The answer is high temperature. This is an indirect answer to this question. When the greenhouse effect occurs, if it crosses its limit, then it is called global warming. This causes an increase in temperature; plants cannot bear and cause death. Plants control pollution, and a decrease in trees increases pollution.

UN climate change conference

This conference was held in December 2019 concerned about climate change. This conference was held under the supervision of the president of Chile. They took notice of climate changes that are happening crucially. It also took notice of climate change actions taken by other agencies means non-party stakeholders.

Precautionary Measures

There are many measures that we should take to control global warming worldwide.

  1. Plant trees as many as we can. Because plants help to absorb CO2 and also reduce pollution.
  2. We should use those type of vehicles that includes less use of petrol and use lead-free petrol.
  3. Less use of electrical appliances, especially if they are not in use.
  4. Things should be recycled after use. E.g., tissue paper, newspapers, etc., because this can save 14k trees from cutting and been using in making paper.
  5. Use of renewable resources in making electricity: wind, water, biomass, etc., avoid the use of thermal power stations to produce electricity.

Effect of CORONA

Currently, we have come across a pandemic disease named CORONA. In which we have faced lockdown (quarantine period).  This lockdown has many positive effects as well as adverse effects. Positive effects include repairing the ozone hole, decrease in pollution, increase in showers, etc. Adverse effects include the destruction of the economic condition of the world.


We should take safety measures to ensure a healthy environment for us and for our family too. We should plant trees daily or weekly. We should construct industries out of the town to keep our environment. We should also conduct seminars for the awareness of the effects that global warming is causing.

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