Uses of Homeopathic Medicine in Accidents

Uses of Homeopathic Medicine in Accidents

Aconite Nep” provides immediate relief in sudden onset of pain, which can be severe, such as severe cold and flu.
One of the most effective medicines for injury, sprains, fatigue and trauma in homeopathy is “Arnica Montana.” Arnica Montana is also useful for muscle and head injuries.
You can use “Natrum Sulf” and “Hypericum,” which is excellent for nerve injury. If you have a bone injury, you can take “Ruta Grave” for the best results. However, if the bone is broken, then “Symphytum and Calcarea Phos” is much more helpful. These connect the bones better than other medicines.
Calendula off” can be used for several types of wounds and injuries. You can use it for wound bandages, use as lotion, or cream or powder made from calendula.
If the wound becomes sore, you can use “Silicea.” It helps expel the pus. It would help if you used it in low potencies. If the wound is not getting well, you can use it in higher potency, which dries the pus.
You can use “Cantharis 30” for burns; you can also apply lotion or cream made from Cantharis Mother Tincture.
Similarly, a bite or sting from any poisonous creature is also an emergency. Some people who are sensitive and have lower immune levels can even die of a snake bite or even some insect bites.
Ledum Palus” has magical effects, and “Apis Mellifica” is very useful for the bee stings.
If a snake bites you, then you should take “Naja Tripud.” It is highly effective in such a case.

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