Top Technology Trends 2021

Top Technology Trends 2021

You will see even more advancement in top technology trends 2021. Technology has been evolving ever since the invention of the first machine. However, the pace of technology has increased in the past two decades. From the year 2000 till 2020, there have been so many advancements. These advancements have made our lives comfortable in so many ways. Although Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality, and 5G are already setting new records and making our lives even better than our ancestors, we can still expect something more. These are the technology trends in 2021.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is already a big part of our lives. It has played a vital role in helping humanity achieve more technology goals in the past decade. However, we can expect more this year. It is expected that the artificial intelligence market will grow almost to an enormous 190 billion dollar industry by 2025. As AI spreads its wings this year, there will be more jobs in testing, programming, development, and all other fields where AI is being implemented. It is expected that AI will be used to analyze the interactions and behaviors to a level at which it will decide or predict demands for services such as hospitals, etc.

Edge Computing

This one is a new technology trend that will see a rise in 2021. The major players that are already utilizing this technology are Google, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services. Cloud computing has already grown a lot. However, it is not a trend anymore. Edge Computing is! Edge computing ensures that the data is much nearer where it is needed. Edge computing will ensure that the data needed for processing is always available and is on edge, close to the place where it is needed. This technology trend is increasing and will see a considerable rise as many companies will adopt this technology to make it easier for their customers to access data.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

In 2021 you can expect that both these technologies will have an increased integration into our lives. This year AR and VR’s potential to train, learn, and the market will increase. Augmented reality might be the next way to shop online. Back in 2019, the number of AR and VR devices that got sold was 14 million. It is expected that there will be an increase in that, and by the end of this year, these devices will have sold out for $200 billion. So, it can be said that AR and VR are a rising trend of 2021 technology.

5G| Top Technology Trends 2021

The year 2020 did see the introduction of 5G and its availability in a few countries. However, this trend is on its rise and will increase as it reaches more courtiers worldwide. Almost all the smartphone companies are now manufacturing their phones capable of using 5G for better and fast access to the internet. This year 5G will be a trendsetter, with almost a billion people using this service by the end of 2021.

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