Top Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Top Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Top Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Staying hydrated is not only good for your overall health but also good for well-being. There are so many benefits of drinking water for your health. You should know that almost 60% of our body is made of water and the blood has 90% water in it. If your water intake is less, your health will deteriorate.

Here in this article, we will give you a detail of all the health benefits of drinking water. There are different benefits of drinking warm water, benefits of drinking water in the morning. There is no recommended or minimum amount of water that you should drink, the more the merrier. Water is essential for carrying out essential body functions.

1. Benefits of drinking water for joints

One of the most important functions that water serves in our body besides keeping it hydrated is it also keeps the joints healthy. The cartilage, which is the disc found in the joints has 80% water in it. It means if you dehydrate yourself, it will have a direct effect on your joints. After some time they will start to lose their shock-absorbing ability and lead to joint pain.

2. It forms saliva – Top Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Water is responsible to form saliva which helps digest the food. Saliva also helps keep the mouth, nose, and eyes moist. If you drink more water and stay hydrated, it can also keep good oral health. It can also help reduce tooth decay.

3. Benefits of drinking water for skin

Who doesn’t want to stay young! Instead, o trying to apply different skincare products to focus on drinking more water. If your skin is dehydrated, it will be vulnerable to skin diseases. Your skin will not look vibrant.

Drinking more water and staying hydrated will the time keep your skin fresh and make you look younger than your age. Drinking water before bed also helps to improve skin health and boost overall health.

4. Water delivers oxygen throughout the body

The blood which is more than 90% water is also responsible for carrying oxygen to all parts of the body. If your blood water levels decrease the supply of oxygen will decrease. The less supply of oxygen means a decrease in the lifespan of various organs.

5. Good for regulating body temperature

Staying hydrated also keeps your body temperature at good levels. Water stored in the skin helps keep the body temperate under control by coming out as sweat. If the body heats up, the water in the skin’s layer comes out cooling it to the required temperature.

According to a few scientists, if the water in the body is less the heat storage capacity of the body increases. Drinking lots of water can also reduce the heat stress that occurs during exercise.  

6. Benefits of drinking water for hair

There are several benefits of drinking water for hair. If you want to keep your hair in good shape, drink more water. If you do not drink more water which can cause dehydration it will harm the scalp. Scalp health is important for hair growth and stopping hair fall. So, make sure that you drink more water to keep your scalp healthy and moisturized for good hair health.

7. Water flushes body waste

Dehydration can cause several problems to the digestive system. If you have less amount of water it will affect the body’s function to flush out the waste. Staying hydrated will keep your digestive system healthy and working.

8. It helps maintain blood pressure

Drinking plenty of water daily keeps your blood pressure levels under control. Lack of water or dehydration can cause the blood to get thick which can increase the blood pressure.

9. Benefits of water for kidneys

One of the best benefits of drinking water is healthy kidneys. If you drink a lot of water it will keep you away from forming kidney stones. The kidneys are responsible for regulating the fluid in the body. Drinking more water and staying hydrated improves kidney health.

10. Drinking water boosts performance during exercise

If you want to enhance your performance during a workout then drink more water. A few scientists have proposed that when you stay hydrated, your overall performance is increased during a workout.

11. For Weight loss

There are also benefits of drinking water for weight loss. If you consume water instead of sodas and other drinks, it can help reduce weight. Drinking water before meals can create a sense of fullness which means you will not eat too much food to gain weight.

Recommended daily intake

According to U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the recommended daily intake of both water and food combined is 125 ounces (3.7 liters) for men and 91 (2.7 liters) ounces for women.

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