The Effects of Deforestation

The Effects of Deforestation


DEFORESTATION EFFECTS ON ENVIRONMENTS: Trees makes the environment beautiful. They not only give us shelter from rain and sun but even the birds and animals.  They help mankind by providing various things. But instead of caring for them, we are destroying them. we should not cut trees, instead, we should plant them. They give us fresh air and liveliness in our life.


Deforesting is a process where cutting of tress takes place. It is said that when we cut a tree, more trees should be planted instead. Its affects the ecological balance of nature. It even leads to land degradation sail erosion etc. it leads to lack of rain. Its play a major defect in humans because they will suffer lack of oxygen supply.

Deforestation Effects on Environments and Humans:

Nowadays, due to deforestation, all living beings have last the shelter. It can control some natural disasters. But the children’s at present does not know the value of trees. They cut the trees on their economical purpose.  But they do not the fact that when trees are removed 90% of the earth is destroyed.

Deforestation Awareness campaign in Schools:

We should encourage the younger generation for planting the trees through debates, discussion, postures etc. the schools should arrange campaign for the students related to the topics deforestation and by giving motivation all classes for the maintenance of trees.

Deforestation Some Guidelines Must be known:

As a citizen we should follow the following steps to ban deforestation in the country:

  1. Cutting of trees should be reported to govt. authorities
  2. The banning of deforestation should be aware publically
  3. By growing more trees in the surrounding areas
  4. Slash and burn cultivation should not be promoted.
  5. Wasteland should also be made in use. 

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