Telegram Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Telegram Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Telegram Tips and Tricks You Need to Know: Today almost everyone around is shifting towards Telegram. The social App that has not been used a lot ever since WhatsApp came out. Now that WhatsApp has updated its Privacy Policy, everyone seems to be scared and shifting towards Telegram. Telegram has seen a considerable increase in the number of users since this new update on WhatsApp’s terms of service. According to WhatsApp, the users have to agree to the new terms by 8th February 2021 or lose the service. Seeing this, many people are shifting to Telegram.

If you are looking to use this App, here are a few Telegram tips and Telegram tricks that you need to know. These will come in handy when you are using the App.

  1. Connect with Nearby People

One of the most exciting Telegram tricks is that you can search for the people nearby. Now you can get connected with the people who are near your location. From the menu, you will have to tap on “people Nearby.” Once you tap, it will ask you for location permission. Once you grant permission, it will start showing the people who are near you. It will also show what distance they are from you. This list includes your friends and other people.

  1. Don’t Let Unknown People Add You To Groups

Telegram allows you to control who can add you to the groups. You can allow everyone to add you to groups, or you can allow your contacts only. You can also choose the option which does not allow anyone to add you to the groups. Go to settings, tap on “privacy and security,” tap on “Groups,” and then from here, you can choose who can add you to the groups.

  1. Lock Your Chats

Telegram gives you additional security when it allows you to lock your chats. Now you do not have to worry about anyone reading your messages if you hand them your phone.  No one will be able to read your chat logs unless they know the Passcode that you set. To do so, you can go to settings, then tap on “Privacy and security,” then tap on “Passcode Lock.” Turn on the feature and set the desired PIN. Once you set the Passcode, you can set the timer for locking the chats.  You can then unlock Telegram with the Passcode or your Fingerprint if you have enabled that also.

  1. Edit Sent Messages

Another feature that WhatsApp doesn’t have but Telegram offers is edit messages that you have sent. It is an interesting feature. Now you can edit the messages that you have sent. No matter the recipient has read the message or not, you can still edit it. Once you edit the message it will appear as Edited. However the recipient will not know when you edited that message.

To do that all you need is to simply tap long on the message you want to edit. It will show a pencil icon on the top. Tap on that icon and edit your message.

  1. Multiple Accounts

Another useful among many Telegram tricks is that it allows you to have multiple accounts on the same App. You can use multiple accounts without installing a VPN or doing any other trick to use two similar apps on the same device. Telegram makes it easy for you. To do that you can add account by tapping on down arrow that appears next to your name. It will have an option to add another account. Tap on + and you can add one more account. Once you create you can then easily switch between accounts.

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