Sepia Homeopathic Remedy

Sepia Homeopathic Remedy

Sepia Homeopathic Remedy

Sepia Homeopathic Remedy Proved by Dr. Hahnemann

Common Name: Cuttlefish

Popularly known as the ‘Washer Woman’s Remedy

The medicine is prepared from the brownish-black juice in the ink bag of the cuttlefish

Preparation of Sepia

Triturations are designed from the dried liquid from the ink bag of the cuttlefish


Physical Appearance:

Pot Bellied Women

Suited for slim, Tall, lean females with narrow, male type pelvis, straight from shoulder down all the way

Moreover, Females with yellow and brown spots on face [butterfly pigmentation]

Due the changing in weather, it is beneficial for children [Calc, Phos, Tub]

Mental symptoms of Sepia Homeopathic Remedy

Although, great indifferences to all surroundings; comprehension difficult; affections of the intellect are symptoms.

How Homeopathic Sepia Treats Women’s Health Problems:

Sepia is heavily useful for women’s hormone imbalances with PMS (premenstrual syndrome), menopause, vaginal thrush or vaginitis, the absence of regular periods (amenorrhea), heavy periods (menorrhagia), and painful periods (dysmenorrhea), Hair Loss, poor Circulation, Digestive Problems

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