Security Systems For Homes

Security Systems For Homes

Security Systems For Homes

Nothing compares to feel safe at home. However, a simple padlock on the door won’t make your home safe from the outside threats. It will not deliver you the peace of mind that you need. It is why you need to find and install the best home security systems to protect your home.

The quality of the best home security systems is that these are easy to install and customize. You won’t need a professional to make the security system work for you. With the latest cameras, gadgets and mobile apps, installing and controlling the security system is quite easy.

Before you get a new system – Security Systems For Homes

Before buying a new security system for your home, you should first assess the environment. You might first want to know what you need. Also, you need to know the types of security systems that you can buy.

You should know that not every security system has a camera. A security system can have several things, such as doorbells, alarms, cameras, motion detectors, etc.


There are Monitored Security Systems which are monitored by a team of professionals. The unmonitored systems are the ones that you can install yourself. There are also wireless and wired home alarm systems.

Before we give you the names of the best home security systems to protect your home, here is a small guide that will allow choosing the best.

What Should You Look For When Buying Security Systems

Home automation

The first thing that you should consider is home automation. It is the way the system allows you to control your home appliances, doors, lights, cameras, by using technology. Ensure that you buy a home security system that allows you to control the devices using mobile apps from far away.

Professional Monitoring – Security Systems For Homes

Professional monitoring is always a good option. While there are systems that are entirely in your hands, they do not compare the professionally monitored ones. Professional monitoring systems give you on time and real-time alerts. These systems are better for emergencies.

Available Through a Mobile App

These days almost all the systems which involve a camera or motion detectors have a mobile app. The manufacturers have a mobile app that works on Android or iOS phones to stay connected with the system even when you are not home.

You should always get a security system that comes with a mobile app. If it does not, then you should not buy it.

Should be Expandable – Security Systems For Homes

Think of installing a system work hundreds of dollars and then when you need to expand it, you have to install a new system because the old one doesn’t allow you! Make sure that whenever you install a new security system, it is expandable.

The system should be versatile and flexible; adding new camera units or alarms must not be an issue. It would be best if you understood that you would need to add more elements to the future system. Your system should be ready for expansion.

Here are a few best home security systems to protect the home that we have picked for you. These are the top-rated systems with all the necessary items and elements to protect your home.

1. SimpliSafe – Security Systems For Homes

SimpliSafe is a nine-piece security system. It is the best for overall protection. It is a good option when you are looking for an all-in-one package. This system is a good option if you have multiple floor building. This system works using smart motion-detecting technology.

It has a good design. It is easy to install and use. It has a base station that controls the entire system. You get a password keypad, four entry sensors, a camera and also two motion sensors. The company also has an App that you can use to control the system. You will get instant alerts on your mobile through this app.

2. BOIFUN Video DoorBell Camera

If you want an under $100 system, then the BOIFUN WiFi doorbell camera is a great option. It will replace your doorbell with a smart option. The camera records a high-quality 1080p video that is synced with your Smartphone. Also, the camera gives you a 166-degree view angle. It is waterproof and also works as a two-way intercom.

3. Cove Wireless Home Security System

The Cove is an eight-piece wireless security system that has all that you need for complete protection. The installation is easy. With the eight pieces, you can cover all corners of the home. Also, the best part is that it is also expandable.

You can voice-control this system using Google Home or Alexa. The interface is user-friendly. Now you can keep your home safe even when you are away. Thanks to the Cove 8-piece wireless security system.

4. Blue by ADT Starter Plus System

If you are looking for something professional, you should buy the Blue manufactured by ADT Starter Plus System. The system has a control hub which allows easy installation, control and also expansion.

This Hub controls four window or door motion sensors that you can install on doors or windows and two motions sensors. The Hub connects the entire system via WiFi. You can place the sensors anywhere you want.

You can also get professional monitoring, but it is optional. You can pay more to get this service.

Some Extra Tips for You – Security Systems For Homes

You can improve the security of your home if you follow this checklist.

Size of your Property:

Always buy the system according to the size of your home. If it is a multiple floor building, always choose the system with at least 6 or 8 cameras or sensors. Understand how much space you need to cover for better security. Install the cameras or sensors only in those places.

The routine of Your Family:

This might not seem important to you, but it is. Choose a system that offers ease of use for your family members.

Security Concerns and Needs:

Make sure that you know your needs. Do you want cameras only? Or you want cameras with motion sensors?  You can also install motion-detecting cameras. You should know your needs before you buy one.


If you have extra money to spend, you can buy a system that needs professional installation, otherwise go with the DIY installation systems. We recommend that you go with a DIY system. Most manufacturers have installation guides that you can easily follow.

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