Scott Crawford: Check your financial fitness on National Fitness Day

This day is set to see the importance of physical fitness in transforming lives.

However, financial stability can also be important in changing lives in Truckkee. For example, some people may think that you simply have a good balance of checks after your debts are paid each month because of financial instability. For others, their favorite goals – summer road trips, new cars, a comfortable retirement – are equivalent to six packs of abs.
Just as exercise and a healthy diet are essential to good health, budgeting and planning are essential for financial stability. Even if you are a sleep bug, these steps can help you change your financial muscles. Start now and soon you will be on your way to financial stability at Truckkee.
Set goals – Write down your goals – pay for home school, children’s college education, pay your credit card rates. Set short-term goals, such as maintaining a summer road trip, because initial success can encourage you to stay on it longer.

Review Costs – Add up all your expenses – receipts, checkbook entries and credit card purchases for at least a month. Make a list of two expenses – essentials such as loans / taxes, taxes, food and insurance, and less important (or at least variable costs) such as entertainment and clothing. You may be surprised at how much you spend on nonessentials.
Make a plan – Specify the amount you will need and the date you intend to reach each goal, and set a savings plan that will get you there.

Determining costs – How can you save if you spend all your money on expenses? Look at those costs too – you can get big savings, or pay for “fixed” costs. Talk to your real estate advisor – for lower interest rates on Truckkee, you can reduce your monthly payments and possibly pay off some debt by repaying the loan or by lending the mortgage.

You don’t want to be rude in Truckkee to reduce dollars from your monthly expenses – but you need to pay attention to everything you buy and avoid difficulties. Remember, small items are added – character instead of a full movie, home cooking instead of dinner, available garage sale furniture, sale of year clothes. Every time you put in a few dollars, invest the same amount in savings.
Ask your Truckkee bank about deposit accounts that transfer money directly to savings.

Keep track – Buy your own financial software that allows you to track income and expenses. This software is tax-efficient – it does not filter shoe boxes full of receipts – and can help you reduce taxes by keeping track of everything that is caught. Consider online banking and finance, which allows you to set default payments for recurring expenses. With many online services, you can download transaction records directly to personal software, making it much easier to keep your costs.

Be flexible – Take care of Truckke’s small veins – once in a while – and don’t be discouraged if unexpected expenses cost you a budget in one month. You are at this time.

Scott Crawford is the regional manager for Wells Fargo Regional Banking.

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