Samsung Galaxy S21 Review

Samsung Galaxy S21 Review

Detailed Galaxy S21 Review

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is the latest in the line of the Galaxy Flagship phones. Samsung is trying something new with this year’s S21 line. It is a detailed Samsung GalaxyS21 review.  In short, it is a great phone, and you should buy it. The price is low compared to the latest iPhone; its design is excellent and has the latest software. Samsung has also upgraded the screen and some other features.

If you think of buying the new S21 5G, you may be on the right track. It has some excellent features and the latest technology by Samsung. You might feel that the price is high, but it is quite less when you compare it with iPhone.

The Design And Display

What is the first thing that you note when you buy a phone? It is the design and its display. The overall look that Samsung Galaxy S21 gives is matchless. It is beautiful and has an elegant design.

The very first thing that you notice in a phone is design. Although the S21 has a plastic back, it still looks impressive. It does have flat edges and doesn’t feel cheap at all. Not many people will like that Samsung has added plastic back this time, but still feels good in hand with an excellent matte finish.

The three cameras are also placed well at the back. The camera bump, which curves into the frame, makes the phone look even better. This camera design is the S21’s signature look. It comes with IP68 waterproofing on the S21.

The screen size is 6.2-inches AMOLED display. Corning Gorilla Glass Victus protects the screen. What’s best about this new display is that it has a higher refresh rate, i.e., 120Hz maximum. Also, you will like to know that it has an adaptive refresh rate. It means the refresh rate changes depending on what’s on the screen.

This new feature ensures a smooth effect while you are using the phone. The phone will also save energy/battery by going as low as 48Hz, depending on the display. With the 1080p resolution, you get vibrant colors and a sharp image on the screen.

With a brightness of 850nits maximum in bright conditions, you can use it in bright lights without any problem.

The S21 has an on-screen fingerprint sensor. It has a pair of stereo speakers at the top and at the bottom to give more sound. It enables the users to hear immaculate and high vocals. There is no headphone jack in this phone. Not many users like a phone without a headphone jack. The only option is to connect with the wireless headphones. Also, there is no Micro SD slot.

The Interface | Samsung Galaxy S21

One of the most important features that a phone has is its interface. With the Samsung UI and Android 11, it has an intuitive interface. The apps and icons are all placed for ease of use. Using the latest Samsung UI is a breeze.

As the Samsung Galaxy S21 is based on Android 11, it has many features with the latest android. It has improved settings and notifications. Sharing things to your favorite apps is now easier by pinning the apps on top of the sheet. The camera interface is also changed.

The Processor | Samsung Galaxy S21

What will strike you the most is the Snapdragon 888 chipset with 8GB RAM? It gives some excellent performance. The 888 chipset also allows a new director’s view feature. You will have no problem using the S21 anyway you want. Gaming on this phone is also a breeze.

No matter how many apps you run simultaneously, there will be no lag. Samsung’s new processor competes with the latest Apple chip. Also, with the expandable RAM, you will love how to phone works.

The Camera | Samsung Galaxy S21

If you want a flagship phone for its camera, then the S21 5G is a great option. It will allow you to take some breathtaking photos and record high-quality videos with the highest resolution possible.

The Galaxy S21 has a triple camera setup. It has a 64MP telephoto camera, a 12MP primary dual pixel AF camera, and a 12MP ultra-wide fixed focus camera. With the 64MP camera, you get a 3 x lossless zoom.

In the bright light, the 12MP primary camera is brilliant. The detail on the pictures is good. The 64MP camera takes some of the most detailed images for a phone. The results of the wide-angle camera are also generally excellent.

The low-light camera is also good, which provides the right dynamic colors and saturation. Also, the level of detail is impressive in low-lights. When you turn on the night mode, it gives an even better result. The 10MP selfie camera is also good. However, the pictures are not much smoother than the S20+, which came out last year. You can choose a natural or a bright mode for the selfie.

The video recording is good at 30fps for 4K. It is more detailed and gives the right colors. However, the 60fps 4K is not much detailed. Also, the 4K video with the ultra-wide-angle camera is excellent. It gives life-like details. You can use the 64MP telephoto camera to shoot 8K video at 24fps.

Battery | Samsung Galaxy S21

The Samsung S21 does not come with a charging adapter. It supports 25watt charging. With the 25watt charger, you can charge the S21 from 0 to 55 percent charging in half an hour. It is quite fast as compared to many other flagship phones. The 4000mAh battery runs smoothly for almost 93 hours.

Verdict | Samsung Galaxy S21

With this Samsung Galaxy S21 review, you will know almost everything about this new phone. It supports 5G networks, which give high-speed connections. If you want to buy the latest flagship phone at a low price, then the Galaxy S21 is the best choice. It has a fantastic camera setup with sound processing.

You may not like that it does not support a wired headphone, or it has a plastic back and has 8GB RAM. Still, it is a phone worthy of buying.  It is a friendly compact Smartphone with an excellent screen, which gives you a fantastic experience while using it.

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