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Painting Art

Painting art colors on canvas or drawing lines is what people call painting. In reality, it’s the thought and feeling of one person expressed with beautiful colors. An art of expression that allows you to step into the zone of creativity.  According to artist James Esber, “Paintings are unique objects with a strong physical presence that is also in some way illusionistic.”

Since, It’s an art of giving shape to the meaning and telling stories. It takes you to your emotions’ deepness and opens all the doors, an escape from yourself where you find a new “YOU.” At TechQalam, we provide a platform for all the artists to show their talent and creativity to the world.

Painting Art
Painting Art


  1. Oil painting
  2. Acrylic painting
  3. Fluid art
  4. Abstract art
  5. Calligraphy

Oil painting

 In oil painting, colors are mixed with oil to be applied on canvass, which gives a beautiful shine to the picture. Oils can depend upon the paints or painter’s choice. A painter can use two or more oils on the same painting to create new and different effects. Linseed, poppy seed oilwalnut oil, and safflower oil are used for this process. Straight ahead, we use varnish to cover the painting, which protects it from dirt and abrasions and gives a smooth texture. Buddhist artists made the oldest oil painting in Afghanistan.

Acrylic painting

 Acrylic paints are water-base and are a mixture of watercolors and oil paints. It dries rapidly and gives a smooth consistency like oil paints and transparency as watercolors. Artists found acrylic paints more suitable and safe than oil paints because they take less time to dry. Furthermore, their popularity increased immediately, and now acrylic paints are used more frequently than oils. Moreover, we can use them on paper, canvass, and other materials. Otto Rohm, a German chemist, invented acrylic resin, which soon converted to acrylic paints.

Abstract painting

 Abstract art, also known as non-representational art, non-objective art, non-figurative art, is a type of painting or sculpture with no visual language and does not portray objects or pictures. We can explain abstraction as one moving from the visual world to the world of imagery. It isn’t recognizable but gives an illusion of the visible world. Although, in abstract art, colors to express different visuals, and drawing techniques don’t matter. Maurice Denis said:  “It should be remembered that a picture before being a war-horse, a nude, or an anecdote of some sort, is essentially a flat surface covered with colors assembled in a certain order.”


 Calligraphy is an art of writing.  The word calligraphy is derivative from two Greek words, “kallos,” which means beauty, and graphein—writing letters as expressions by registering them with colors in different fonts and styles canvass or paper. Islamic calligraphy is an art of writing using Arabic words and alphabets. It is mostly based on Quran verses and chapters.

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