Lupus and Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

The identification of lupus raises a whole range of questions. and as lupus sometimes arises over the years it is the reproductive questions related to finding the highest pregnancy unit on that list.

“It can prevent lupus pregnancy, but there is a serious risk of complications for each caregiver and therefore a growing child,” said expert Sukanya Pachaidee, MD. “You need to go a long way and prepare yourself before a safe body.”

Risks to physical condition with lupus

Lupus is often associated with a state of response to the extent to which your immune system attacks healthy tissues. this will cause problems in a large number of nutrients, as well as your skin, bones, kidneys, lung area, heart and blood.

Exactly what lupus has no effect on fertility – a young woman with lupus will no doubt have a baby as you are. however all pregnancies in girls with local lupus unit believe the risk is high.

That is not to say that every woman with lupus can cope with her physical problems. however, there is a high risk of complications – especially in girls with undiagnosed lupus symptoms.

The unit of pregnancy complications is the most possible unit for women who have:

Kidney condition.

The pressure has risen.

A brief history of blood clots.

History of low platelets.

Dangers to your mother

Women with local lupus unit who are at high risk for maternal health problems, including:

Lupus flares.

Poor urine function.

Preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome, a condition that causes blood and liver damage.

Danger to the child

Lupus can also greatly increase the potential risks to a growing child as an example:

Slow growth of the embryo.

Childbirth or pregnancy.

Premature birth.

Neonatal lupus, a special condition in which antibodies to the mother affect the developing baby.

While all of this may seem daunting, note that many girls with lupus are completely pregnant, healthy and pregnant. however it helps to understand the potential risks, so you, in consultation with your doctor, can take steps to reduce it.

Preparing for lupus childbirth

If you have lupus, use family planning to prevent the level of exposure to a dangerous physical condition Dr. Pachaidee advises. If your need to stop your contraceptive pill during the event when you just decide you can have a baby, visit your MD to make sure it is safe.

You are going to get pregnant, no doubt you will need expertise in physical problems if you are arrested once. therefore work in partnership with your MD to stay healthy the best you can be before you start trying to have a baby, says Dr. Pachaidee. “If you are in a working condition, you may be in serious danger.”

Some parts of the lupus medicine are safe to use in any body condition, but others are not. This is one of the best reasons to plan ahead. “Medicines that keep you confined are a unit of a safe environment usually to take full birth. Before you get pregnant, ”she says if you are taking unsafe baby medication, your doctor will help you determine the options.

Lupus during all pregnancies: a combined group effort

Now that you are pregnant, you may want to get tested regularly to make sure you stay healthy. “Managing your birth can be a team task that involves you, your Ob / Gyn in collaboration with your specialist,” said Drs. Pachaidee.

Your collection will test that area unit to regularly check your blood chemistry and work. They will also hunt for the presence of different types of antibodies that will cause problems in the whole body. These are:

Antiphospholipid antibodies will prevent placenta and slow fetal growth.

Anti-SSA / Ro and anti-SSB / These antibodies can cause lupus that **** newborn baby. It will cause problems and rashes, low blood pressure and lazy heartbeat is not true lupus.

In the event that your doctor finds these antibodies or different problems, be aware of the body condition they will be most likely to look for problems.

Treating lupus in every body condition

With your physical condition, it is important to stay as healthy as possible, says Dr. Pachaidee. “I would recommend that all patients keep their systems immune. take care of proper rest, exercise and proper nutrition. ”

Unfortunately, lupus will rise during birth or at birth – even if you forgive the old one for a while. If you see symptoms starting, visit your MD as soon as possible, Dr. Pachaidee says. “There are safe drugs being developed to reduce flares during childbirth.”

What about nursing?

Can you feed on lupus? the answer is yes for most girls. “But you would like to avoid prescription drugs and breastfeeding because it will turn into milk and harm the baby,” she said. “You will have to be forced to stop breastfeeding.” If you will have those treatments for lupus when the baby is born, ”

Healthy lupus delivery also includes extra preparation, but many women who are affected by this condition have contributed to the birth of healthy babies. “Lupus is not the only thing you will take for granted,” said Drs. Pachaidee. “But the physical condition is safe.”

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