iPhone Tips and Tricks 2021

iPhone Tips and Tricks 2021

iPhone Tips and Tricks 2021

If you have used an iPhone you will know that there are hundreds of iPhone tips and tricks that you can perform on it. Apple smartphones always have something new which you may not know. These are the best apple tips for beginners also.

Having an iPhone does not mean that you know how to use its features. Some features need to be found, many hidden features are there but you may not use them. Here in this article, we have given some iPhone tips and tricks. You can check them out and enjoy using the Apple smartphone like never before. If you read these tips carefully they will also serve as an iPhone user guide.

1. AirDrop from Apple to Any Other Device

Apple devices are known for their tight security. Sending one file from an iPhone to another device can be quite difficult. However, if you use snapdrop.net you can easily send a file from your iPhone to any other Android device that uses the same.

It is not Apple’s AirDrop but it works similarly and is a great solution for the quick transfer of data between devices. Open snapdrop on your iPhone tell the other person to do the same. You will see their phone pop up on your screen. Select the files or photos that you want to send and the other person will get them instantly. The same goes vice versa.

2. Combine Images or Create Collage with a Shortcut

These are the best iPhone tips for seniors. Your iPhone can stitch photos like a collage automatically without doing much work. From the settings, you need to open shortcuts and tap on the +. Search for the first shortcut as “Select Photos” for the second shortcut search “Combine Images.”

Once you do this search for the “Save”  shortcut and then choose the shortcut that says “save to a photo album.”  Now whenever you use this shortcut, it will ask you to choose the photos from an album and combine them like a collage.

3. Automatically Activate Low Power Mode

Whenever the battery of your iPhone goes below a certain level you have to turn on the low power mode to save battery and get more time. Now you can activate the automatic low power mode when your iPhone battery reaches a certain level.

You can also do this using shortcuts from settings. To do this from the shortcuts app you need to create a new automation. Choose battery level from there and then select your desired battery percentage. Then search for “low power mode.” From the options that you see unselect the one that says “ask before running.”

It is a very handy iPhone 11 tips. Now, whenever your iPhone reaches that battery percentage it will automatically activate lower power mode.

4. Checking iPhone Warranty

Not many people know that they can check the iPhone’s warranty from its settings. To do that you need to open settings, from there tap no General. Choose “About” and then tap on Warranty to see your iPhone’s warranty information.

5. Create Perfect Shapes – iPhone Tips and Tricks 2021

I thought this was only for Apple iPad where you can use the Apple Pencil. Did you know that if you use your finger to mark a note you can draw perfect shapes too? All you need is to hold your finger still at the end of your shape. 

It will automatically correct the shape and make it perfect. For example, if you draw a circle shape with your finger, just hold it a little longer when you finish drawing it. The iOS will automatically correct it and turn it into a perfect circle.

6. Use Apple Watch as a View Finder

Now you can use your Apple Watch as a viewfinder for your iPhone’s back camera. All you need to do is to wrap the Apple watch around your iPhone. Launch the camera app on the Apple watch. Now you can see yourself on Apple Watch while Vlogging.

With these iPhone tips and tricks, you can use your iPhone like never before. Make sure that you use these handy tips and tricks to save your time and efforts.

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