Human Hair a Source of making Solar Panel

Human Hair a Source of making Solar Panel

                Human Hair a Source of making Solar Panel

The invention of 1st Solar Panel– Human Hair a Source of making Solar Panel

The making of solar panels was started in the 1800s. In 1873, Selenium was used as a manufacturing material for the solar panel. The first solar panel was made in 1881. It had inconvenient properties. In 1939, the first solar panel was properly designed. Now, the Silicon Solar Panel has been using since 1954 as a commercial Solar Panel.

Who gave the idea of making a Solar Panel?

There was a French Physicist, Cesar Becquerel, who was studying Photovoltaic Effect. During the study of the Photovoltaic Effect, he observed the rise in voltage on the falling of sunlight.

 Photovoltaic Effect– Human Hair a Source of making Solar Panel

The voltage and electric current rise when there is the exposure of light anywhere. This effect of rising happens due to light is called the photovoltaic effect. This effect is the main reason for the working of solar panels.

Manufacturing Material of Solar Panels

As we have discussed earlier, the manufacturing material of solar panels is silicon, The reason for using silicon is its abundance in the crust of the Earth. This helps scientists to make use of silicon in solar panels. It has the property of conducting electricity. It has non-toxic nature. This will not spread pollution in the surroundings. Silicon has been using as the manufacturing material of most solar panels. Thin films of Silicon are using in making solar panels. The reason is increasing the surface area of absorbing sunlight. Besides, silicon performs photovoltaic phenomena too.

 How Human Hair a source of making Solar Panel

It is estimating that human hair is useful in the manufacturing of solar panels. The human hair is made of a special type of protein called melanin. There is a property of this protein in conductance.

Who discovers this property of Human Hair?

You will surprise reading this, an 18-year-old boy, Malin Karki belongs from Nepal. He was fond of studying. One day he started studying a book by Stephen Hawking who is a famous Physicist.  Malin Karki was studying the phenomenon of generating static electrical energy.

Property of Melanin– Human Hair a Source of making Solar Panel

The property of melanin that made it important in the manufacturing of solar panels, is due to its responsiveness to the sunlight. Melanocytes secrete Melanin pigment. This pigment is produced by a special type of cell. This cell secretes this pigment in exposure to sunlight.

The similarity between Melanin and Silicon

The similarity in the functions of Melanin and Silicon is their responsiveness to sunlight. Both are active in the presence of sunlight. Silicon rises Electric current and Voltage. On the other hand, Melanin cells increase the production of Melanin.

Cheap Source of Producing Electricity

As we know, human hair falls during the month of the monsoon. We can see human hair in an extensive amount in the garbage and dustbins.  We can see hair in a barbershop too. All the wasted hair can bring in use like this. We can say silicon is abundant in the Earth’s crust but human hairs are cheaper than silicon even it is abundant.

 Billing Costs

As we know, there are renewable resources that can recycle. The renewable resources include

  • Sun
  • Water
  • Air

Here we are discussing the energy coming from the Sun in the form of sunlight. Why can we not use this for our benefit? We have also heard, using solar panels can reduce the costs of our bills. Even we can use free electricity using this. If the solar panels will be making of hairs then it will be great for us.

Conversion of Solar Energy to Electrical Energy

If you do not know why the Solar Panels have been using for so long. This will help you know the benefit of Solar Panels. These Solar cells make Solar Panels. The main function of solar cells is the conversion of solar energy to electrical energy. In the following, we will discuss a similar substance that will help in conversion.

Another material help better making Solar Panels

There is a particular substance in human hair calls carbon dots. The carbon dots make from human hair. The human hair breaks down and heats at a very high temperature. These cover the cells that are present in solar panels. It also gives stability to the solar panels.


We should use the resources wisely. Humans are trying their best to make use of renewable resources very well. We should also show support for their work. I hope this will help you to get some information.



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