Homeopathy And Self Medication

Homeopathy And Self Medication

Homeopathy And Self Medication: This is a familiar concept; self-medication is possible in homeopathy and such easy to deal with. Nowadays, it is the trend to tell medicines on social media. People ask for remedies for their problems, and Doctors confidentially told them.

Why is it so homeopathy and self medication

The concept and philosophy of homeopathy vary from patient to patient. In some cases, only one or two doses are needed. When a patient is in recommendation to buy medicine from the market, he believes it’s a full bottle and unknown to how many quantities he needs to take; if he takes its repetitive doses, this is considered an overdose. The benefit of the remedy is think to be lose.

 Secondly, case taking is not full through these forums. Medicine is suggested without knowing any cause, time duration, type, and stage of disease from which treatment not be selected to the point, and the patient does not get relief and thought it has no benefit.

Homeopathy And Self Medication
Homeopathy And Self Medication

So is there no First aid in Homeopathy?

There are first aid medicines in homeopathy, and you can also keep them at home. They should also be in use with cautions and precautions as asked. Although first Aid medicines in homeopathy are best than other medications, they control 90% of a condition at an earlier stage.

If arnica has given in any kind of injury, it cures it as soon as any other medication but only in internal or muscles bruised injury, not in wounds. It’s best in head injury if your child or any person falls and injure head only one to two doses are require, not more.

homeopathy and self medication What should we do?

We should consult a doctor properly. Give him or her proper sign and symptoms of total body and also mind symptoms. Then take medicine and use it as suggested.

This article is for knowledge, not for self-medications. However, for more consultation, you can consult a doctor. If you liked this article, please subscribe to our website Tech Qalam or Contact Us. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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