Homeopathic treatment of dysmenorrhea

Homeopathic treatment of dysmenorrhea

Homeopathic treatment of dysmenorrhea

Homeopathic treatment of dysmenorrhea. Some very best curative medicine is as below like


Very painful dysmenorrhoea. Discharge stopped or only in drops accompanying flatulence and pain in the stomach—generally, not only but also very nervous and irritable women who sweat easily and yawn very often.


Dysmenorrhoea with fullness, congestion, the tension in the uterus severe abdominal pain. Again, It may accompany other female complications such as a tendency to abortion and general weakness of the uterus. Likewise, In most cases, it accompanies rheumatism of small joints.


Dysmenorrhoea and leucorrhoea in fat women with itching and moist eruption on the body and female parts.

Magnesium phosphoric:

Spasmodic dysmenorrhoea relieved by warm wash and warm applications. Moreover, It may accompany other spasmodic pains and diseases.


Suppressed menstruation with stitching pains and nose bleed. May due to dryness of mucus membrane. Dry lips, thirst, and constipation.


Dysmenorrhoea with unbearable server pains. The patient is cross, fretfully, irritable, impatient, restless, snappish, and uncivil due to pains too.

Pulsatilla uses – Homeopathic treatment of dysmenorrhea

Late, scanty, black clotted, and suppressed menses with colic and chilliness. It may accompany shifting rheumatic pains. Generally a tearful, mild, yielding, and gentlewomen.

Homeopathic treatment of dysmenorrhea- Sepia:

painful dysmenorrhoea with a sensation that everything would fall out of the vagina. Moreover, She tries to prevent the fall by pressing her vagina with her hands.


too early, too profuse menstruation attended by colic and nausea. Futher more, It may also be attended by leucorrhoea with an egg. White jelly discharge and a sensation as if warm water is poured out.

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