Homeopathic Remedies For Alopecia Hair Loss

Homeopathic Remedies For Alopecia Hair Loss

Homeopathic Remedies For Alopecia Hair Loss

The hair growth cycle of men and women differs. Men tend to go bald with age. People from all over the world look for the solution to baldness. Some people go for surgeries or hair transplants, and some rely on medication.

Many people try to use topical medication such as oils and herbs to stop the hair from falling. Homeopathy also has a solution for Alopecia and baldness. The medication of homeopathy for baldness depends on the hair growth cycle.

Hair Growth Phases

  • The Anagen Phase: It is the phase in which hair grows long
  • The Catagen Phase: It is a transitional phase in which the hair cells start to decay or die, also known as the apoptotic phase
  • The Telogen Phase: It is a short phase that is a resting phase for hair
  • The Exogen Phase: This phase marks the start of hair fall

Scope of Homeopathy in Anagen Phase

It is the phase in which the hair growth is somewhat stopped or disturbed by an external agent. For example, the cause of stopped hair growth in this phase might be chemotherapy, poisoning, radiation from boric acid, and mercury.

During this stage of hair fall, if you use homeopathy medicines, they will give good results. If you go to a professional and give you a proper homeopathic medicine, it can neutralize the toxic agent, causing hair fall.

The medicine will work on the hair follicles and have a positive effect.  With the right kind of homeopathy treatment, the body can accelerate the detoxification process. It is how the problem will be neutralized from its root level. It is also the reason homeopathic medicine is very effective.

During this stage, if you start taking care of hair fall with homeopathy medicine, you will get good results, and the hair fall will stop 99%.

Scope of Homeopathy in Anagen Phase or For Androgenic Alopecia

During this stage, the cause of hair fall is the androgen hormone, or it can also be Hereditary Pathological Hyperandrogenism.

Alopecia or Androgenic Alopecia is a hereditary disorder. The treatment by homeopathy during this stage is not too effective. The cure for hair fall is minimal with homeopathy at this stage. The more appropriate solution is a hair transplant.

Scope of Homeopathy in Telogen Phase

In this phase, more and more hair loss occurs due to several reasons. During this stage, the cause of hair fall can be Hormonal disorder, drugs, ACE inhibitor, Stress, Chemotherapy agent, Oral contraceptive, Hyper and hypothyroidism, Menopause, Antithyroid drugs, Beta-blocker, Lithium, Anticoagulant drugs, Anti-seizure drugs, and Nutritional deficiency.

During this stage, depending on the cause of hair fall, homeopathic treatment can prove beneficial. No matter the cause, a proper homeopathic medicine by a good doctor can help you grow back your hair.

If the hair fall is because of a drug’s toxic effects, then the medication can reduce that effect, resulting in normal hair growth. These drugs destroy and damage the hair follicles, the homeopathic treatment repairs that damage.

If the hair fall is due to stress factors, several homeopathy medicines can help eliminate the stress. Both clinical and constitutional homeopathy can treat the hair fall caused due to physical and psychological stress factors.

It means that during this stage or phase, hair fall prevention results are maximum if you use homeopathic medicines.

Other causes of hair fall – Homeopathic Remedies For Alopecia Hair Loss

There are many causes of hair fall. There might be some skin disorders or skin allergies that are responsible. Drugs and stress can also be a major cause of hair fall.

Hormones are responsible for hair growth and hair fall. If the body stops producing these hormones in the levels required, hair fall occurs. The hormonal imbalance can affect both men and women. The hormonal imbalance that occurs during pregnancy can also cause hair fall in women. During childbirth because during this time the hair enters the Telogen phase.

Aging is another factor that can cause hair fall. Men notice hair fall more than women. By the age of 35, most men will notice hair fall. by the age of 60, almost all the hair is lost unless taken care of.

A deficiency in the diet can also cause hair fall. One of the main ingredients that are responsible for good hair health is iron. An iron deficiency can cause hair fall. Also, wrong eating habits and smoking can cause premature hair fall.

Some women (not all) also face hair fall by using birth control pills. Another major cause of hair fall can be the treatments that people use to style hair. The chemicals used in the hairstyling gels and colors damage the hair cells and the scalp.

All these factors are responsible for making the hair follicles weak. Using the proper homeopathy medicines after consulting with an expert homeopathic doctor, you can stop hair fall.

What does the homeopathic treatment do?

When you use homeopathic treatment, it works wonders. Here is how it helps with hair fall.

The first thing it does is that it cures the skin disorders of the scalp. You will feel that you have a healthier scalp by using the homeopathic medication. It also maintains the hormonal balance in the body. The hormonal imbalance is the leading cause of hair fall. By controlling the hormones in the body, homeopathy medicines play a vital role in hair growth.

Certain homeopathy medicines help relieve stress, which is a leading cause of hair fall. These medicines also neutralize the harmful effects of the drugs.

With the help of homeopathy medicine, you can keep the hair growth at maximum. These medicines help keep the hair follicle and the surrounding areas of the follicle healthy. Also, the homeopathy treatment helps the hair follicle absorb key nutrients that are good for hair growth. 

The Homeopathic drugs for Alopecia

According to the studies and best practices, these are the six homeopathic medicines effective for Alopecia.

  • Mezereum
  • Phosphoric acid
  • Graphites
  • Fluoric acid
  • Phosphorus
  • Sepia

Homeopathy has treatment for almost every health condition. Hair fall is among the top conditions that men and women have to face. If you are also looking for a good treatment with positive results, make sure that you have a homeopathy treatment. These medicines do not have any side effects. So, it would be best if you did not worry about the treatment. It is safe to rely on homeopathy.

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