History of Qalam

History of Qalam

History of Qalam is too old from the start of world. Qalam is an Arabic word that shows the meaning of “Education” In English, known as a writing pen. Qalam is a sign of education in Islam. Qalam is used for writing something. Earlier, the shape of Qalam looks like a small and thin piece of wood that I dipped in ink and used for writing manuscripts, documents, and books, etc. Mostly kings in the past used Qalam to writes the orders of the states for the general public.

The old history of Qalam

The history of Qalam is as old as the humans in every reign the people used different forms of Qalam for writing their documents, memorandum, etc. peoples sometimes forgot the things and don’t remember their essential task to be done in future. So writing their job will keep them memorizes the things that they will perform shortly. In the past, Qalam is also essential for writing the agreements between the peoples for their memory.  So the use of Qalam is more critical from the last time.  During understanding between peoples, they used Qalam for Writing and the terms and conditions of the agreement.

History of Qalam
History of Qalam

New forms for Writing

As of now, presently, too many forms of Qalam are used for writing documents manually.  In schools and colleges, the students write with Qalam in their handwriting class as the experienced peoples whose handwriting is beautiful and more attractive prefer to write with Qalam to make Writing more attractive and easily readable by the readers of those documents.

Qalam Improve Handwriting:

It observed that the old students t who practice more Writing with Qalam and have attended the class of Writing with Qalam have good Writing that is more attractive and exciting for the readers. Moreover, useful format documents that are wrote with qalam are more beautiful. The readers of that document pay attention to Qalam to write the stories, make sketches, paint, and draw.  Now presently, so many forms of Qalam are in use in this Era for writing their manuscripts, letters, job applications, etc.

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