History of Pencil

history of pencil

History of Pencil | Pen | Qalam

A Pencil, Pen is known as a “Qalam” in Arabic, is a sign of knowledge. Anyone who knows how to read and write is considered literate. Qalam or Pen has a lot of importance in all religions globally, and significantly more in Islam.

Pencil or Qalam in Islam emphasizes both the Quran and Prophet Muhammad’s sayings (may peace be upon him).

The first revelation that started was with the words, which written in Quran chapter 96, verse 1 – 4:

“1. Read: In the Name of your Lord who created. 2. Created man from a clot. 3. Read: And your Lord is the Most Generous. 4. He who taught by the Pen.”

In another Hadees, which is a Saying of Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him), it mentioned that the first thing that Allah created was Pen, as it said in Sunan Tirmizi Number 2155, which means that the

“First thing that Allah created was the Pen, Al-Qalam” When He created the Pen, it asked Allah what should I write, and Allah said to write what has already happened and what will happen till forever.”

A Brief History of Pencil

One of the first pens that were created by humans is from 3000 B.C. it is when the Egyptians made the reed pen. These early pens construct from bamboo. This type of Pen is still in use with ink.

When the pencil invented

In the 6th Century A.D., the quills use as pens. These were first use in Spain. These make from feathers of birds such as Turkeys, Geese, Swans, etc. these were used for almost twelve centuries until the steel pen came.

John Mitchell was the first person to develop a steel point pen. He was from Birmingham, And He created the steep point pen in 1822. Then in 1827, the famous Fountain Pen was invented by Petrache Poenaru. He was from Romania. Then in 1943, the renowned ballpoint pen was designed by an American named Jhon J. Loud.

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