Health Benefits of Fasting During the Month of Ramazan

Health Benefits of Fasting During the Month of Ramazan

Health Benefits of Fasting During the Month of Ramazan

Ramadan is a month of blessings for all Muslims in which one is not allowed to drink, eat, and smoke or perform some unusual activity between dawn to dusk. For this, we wake up early for breakfast called “Sehri” before sunrise and after a long fast of 12-16 hours eats in the evening called “Aftari.”

It is the best practice to achieve self-control. Besides this, it brings a lot of health benefits to us.


Autophagy is a natural way our bodies wipe out all damaged cells to create newer ones. Fasting reduced insulin level triggers reduced inflammation causing increased autophagy level. It is helpful for neuronal autophagy in which many abnormal brain cells may be the cause of many neurodegenerative disorders that are self-destroyed.

Metabolic switches

During a fast, our body meets to sudden metabolic changes. When we have Sehri, the sugar level in our body is boosted up, and in the fasting period, it is remarkably declined. When the body’s energy level is dropped, it starts using the stored sugar and fat to meet up energy needs. For this, our body switches to other components to fulfill its requirement leading to lower LDL level bad cholesterol) and high HDL (good cholesterol).

Impact on stroke–Health Benefits of Fasting During the Month of Ramazan

Fasting also significantly affects many cerebrovascular diseases. Out of which one of the most common is stroke. If a blood supply to brain cells is interrupted, that part undergoes destruction leading to stroke. It is observed that fasting control the risk of stroke up to some extent. A protein is activated during fasting that regulates some other neuroprotective proteins and effectively reduces risk conditions leading to stroke.

Helps in reducing body weight

If weight gain is not controlled, then one day, it will lead to obesity. One of the best methods to lose weight is to cut down the number of calories in a diet. We naturally achieve this calorie reduction by 20-30% during fasting, causing increased metabolism, thus leading to fat loss.

Effects on skin aging–Health Benefits of Fasting During the Month of Ramazan

As we get older, the skin becomes wrinkled due to autophagy. Calorie reduction is thought to be linked with reduced aging. Many Glycoxidation products accumulate during fasting that adds collagen to the skin, leading to a delay in aging.

Wound healing–Health Benefits of Fasting During the Month of Ramazan

Due to calorie reduction, the number of stem cells (precursor cells) rises, necessary for cellular growth. During fasting, boosted macrophages level leads to an increase in Transforming Growth Factor (TGF), which promotes proliferation of cells and results in fast wound healing.

Help in reducing Cardio vascular disorders

Artherosclerosis is one of the leading causes of cardiovascular diseases in which LDL (bad cholesterol) levels increased in the blood. During fasting, our many metabolic pathways become improved. Adiponectin level, a protein quite similar to collagen, is increased, retaining the lining of blood vessels, thus preventing atherosclerosis.

It helps in boosting the immune system

Fasting and reduced-calorie level is an excellent way for the strengthening of our immune system. Controlled sugar level, autophagy breaks many lethal and mutant biomolecules, pathogens, foreign invaders to maintain cellular activities at their best, leading to boosted immunity level. It becomes crucial, especially in pandemic Covid-19 circulating these days at a much higher rate. A person with a sound immune system is less likely to get a disease.

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