Google Maps Tricks You Need to Try

Google Maps Tricks You Need to Try

One of the most used apps is Google Maps. Google Maps has made our lives so much easier. Now we can find any place on earth without any difficulty. Even though almost everyone uses Google Maps, but not many people know all of its features. Sometimes we tap on a screen, and a message pops up, and it is only then we know that Maps has that particular feature. So, to make it easy for you to make use of this top-class app, here are a few Google Maps features and Google Maps Tricks that you should know and try.

1. Access Maps without Internet – The Offline Maps Feature

Generally, when you are around your place, you might have internet access, but what if you are traveling to a new place and might need Maps’ help? Have you ever considered how you will access maps or go around in a new place without one? It is when this feature comes in handy.  Google Maps allows you to download a specific area of a map for offline access. The process is simple and easy. You can access the offline map options by tapping on your Google Maps profile, and it will show a menu.

From this menu, you can tap on offline maps, and then it will ask you to either select your area on the map or choose from the recent location. You will see that the size of the map that you download is also shown. Now you can access Google Maps anywhere you like without internet services.

2.  Find Direction to A Place With a Single Click

If you need to find direction to a place or direction from that place, you can right-click, and a menu will appear with a lot of options. This feature is only accessible through the web version of the maps.  All you need is to right-click anywhere on the map, and it will give you a drop-down list of options that you can choose from.

3. Measure Distance

It is one of the most exciting features that you might want to try. If you are a tourist, say in Islamabad, the Capital of Pakistan, and go sightseeing. You might want to measure the distance between the two famous places. For example, you want to measure the distance between the Faisal Mosque and the Islamabad Zoo. You will have to access the same menu by right-clicking from where you want to measure distance. From the menu, select measure distance. You will also notice a small message box will appear at the bottom that says:

Then you need to click on the starting point and then click on the ending point. It will calculate the distance between the two places. And of course, this is not the distance of the roads; it is just the general distance from one place to another on the earth’s surface.

4. Keep Track of Places You Have Visited

Not everyone, but many people like to keep track of the places they have visited. Thanks to Google, it keeps track of places that we have visited in the past. You can access this feature from the “Timeline” option. 

You can access it from the profile menu. Once you tap on the timeline option, it will give you four options on top: Day, Places, Cities, and the World.

You can tap on any option to see the places you have visited. For example, if you tap on Cities, it will show you the cities you visited. You can select any city, and it will show you the places you have visited within that particular city with a small map of the city. It will also give the detail of every place you visited and how many times you visited it.

5. Share Real-Time Location

Ever thought of getting lost? Creepy, isn’t it? If you ever get lost and don’t know where you are and want to tell someone the exact location, Google Maps has the answer for you. With this feature, you can share your location with anyone in the world. Wherever you are, wherever you go, the person you shared the location with will know where you are.

Select the Location Sharing option from the main profile menu. It will then give you some options to share your current location. You can also set the time for location sharing. You can share the location until you turn it off or for one hour or so. You can share your location on Whatsapp, Gmail accounts, messenger, and send links as text messages.

6. Turn on Incognito Mode

The Incognito mode allows you to use Google Maps without keeping records. When you are in this mode, your browser or the app on your smartphone will not save your location history and searches you perform. Also, you will notice that the Blue dot that indicates your location will turn Black. So, if you do not want Google to keep track of your activity, you should use it. Also, you will notice that the profile icon on the top right corner also turns black.  

Try exploring Google Maps Tricks You Need to Try more, and you will indeed find more hidden secrets.

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