Future of fitness: Waterloo gym closing, moving classes online permanently

KITCHENER – The epidemic continues to disrupt local businesses, as the women’s gym in Waterloo is permanently closed due to the financial impact of the ongoing restrictions.

“Breaking the news that I would no longer be here was very difficult,” said Fitness 360 owner Kerri Hallman.

The decision to close the women’s gym at Fitness 360 in Waterloo has had a devastating effect on Hallman.

“I have shed a million tears, I was angry and part of me is happy because this past year has had a lot of financial problems,” he explained.

He spent the last eight years running the gym, but as a result of the epidemic he has decided not to renew his contract.

While the visible doors of Fitness 360 will be closed, Hallman plans to continue teaching visual classes.

“I will continue religiously three days, four, five days a week,” said longtime member Lori Murray.

Hallman started making an online switch when it first closed and now many of his loyal members are opting for the visual option.

“Online classes allow for a lot of flexibility in my schedule,” explains member Shani Pregelj.

Physical fitness Libby Norris says online classes remove barriers for many people who would not enter the gym.

“They don’t have to leave, they are in a good location and they can keep their cameras locked,” he explained.

Norris also predicts that hybrid exercise models are here to stay longer after the restrictions are removed.

“There are so many people who can’t afford to go to the gym and gym.”

As for Hallman, he sells all of these exercise equipment and gives members the first dibs. He plans to sell anything left to the public after that through social media.

It is part of his plan to move forward as one door closes and the real one opens.

“Even if I don’t see them physically, I’ll know they’re in the back of the camera training with me,” added Hallman.

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