Dr Tauseef Ahmad Mirza

May God bless you and have mercy on you

I am Homoeopathic Dr. Tauseef Ahmad Mirza.

I practice under the name of Hadi Healthcare Homoeopathic Clinic in City Bhalwal Tehsil of Sargodha District.

Moreover, I completed a Diploma in Homoeopathic Medical System from Sargodha in 2010. However, I have been practicing since then. I have ten years of experience in Homeopathy. Will go, or as you practice, you will also experience new confusions, Many medicines at a time, and the similarities between different medicines and the relationship between them.

Which medicine should be used after which medicine, its positive or negative effects, etc. Not only am I a homeopath, but I am also an educator and also a physical educator. I have a Master’s in Health and Physical Education, Pakistan Studies, and Education.

Besides, he has done many small courses such as
  • Diploma in Physical Education (Undergraduate)
  • Senior Diploma in Physical Education (Post Graduate)
  • Certificate in Computer Operator
  • Certificate in Librarianship
  • Understanding religion course.

I have also done a Woodbadge course in scouting.

Homeopathy is my hobby; when I heal a sick person, there is real happiness.

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