Dr Sanober Ghani – Homoeopathic Doctor

Dr Sanober Ghani – Homoeopathic Doctor

Dr Sanober Ghani is homoeopathic practitioner. She is practicing in this field for about 20 years. She belongs to country Pakistan and city Rawalpindi.  Besides homoeopath, she is also motivational speaker, teacher and work as a social worker.

Deal in all chronic and acute cases. She is expert in dealing emergency in homoeopathy. As a teacher, she applies her expertise on children emotional, psychological, physical health issues, such as fear of paper, students who work hard but cannot get marks, weak in maths, forget lessons. However, they learn, again and again, bad handwriting etc.

Besides these, She also deals in all gynaecological problems in ladies during and after pregnancy. All issues related to menstruation period and puberty issues. Sexual health of females and their overage issues.

Moreover, Skin problems, allergies, nasal polyps and sinusitis, joints, pain, Liver and stomach issues.  Also, Skin whitening drops, hair fall treatment, special courses for infertility is provided in her clinic.

She believes on total cure. Allah has made Human being with right features and give him natural power to heal up and get fit. That’s now our duty to keep ourselves safe and take treatment which is safe had no side effect on body in any disease if occur.

Homeopathic ear drops, eye drops, liver tonics, hair oils and shampoos are available in her clinic.

Dr Sanober Ghani


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