Dengue Fever And Homeopathy

Dengue Fever And Homeopathy

Dengue Fever And Homeopathy

Although malaria and dengue fevers are mosquito-borne diseases, typhoid is also a bacterial disease. Still, they are interrelated and they have a lot of side effects on the body. These fevers are very harmful, although they are treated and cured by medicines. As everyone knows, medication given in these fevers has too many side effects. Also, even after treatment, the person will get a fever again. Sometimes even though the treatment is good, but the condition of the patient is severe and he does not survive.

Why I should take Homeo treatment:

We should consult a homeopathic doctor in such a fever because it is safe and has no side effects. It also prepares the body to recover it totally and boosts the immunity to get these fevers repeatedly. The Homeopathic treatment not only treats these fevers but also addresses the underlying cause of these fevers. Although there is no medicine by the name of diseases in homeopathy, it works on directly curing the cause of the disease. It prepares a person to live a healthy, wealthy life—one of the side effects of these fevers they attack or damage the liver to some extent. When homeopathic treatment is given, it also saves the liver from damage.

These fevers are treated in such a way that after their cure, immune boost medications are given. People who take homeopathic medicines are not prone to any side effects that will cause liver failure.

If you think it’s a prolonged process in Homeopathy, you should know that it’s not very fast in other medications as well.

Some common remedies used in these fevers:

Bryonia, Baptisia, Phosphorous, Eupotoriumperf, China, Chinium Sulf, Tinospora, Millifollium, Carica Papaya,

Note: This article is for knowledge, not for self-medication. It has no content against any other profession or medication.

Dengue Fever And Homeopathy

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