Changing Regional and global dynamics due to COVID-19

Changing Regional and global dynamics due to COVID-19

Changing Regional and global dynamics due to COVID-19: The prevailing pandemic has globally strengthened the world to fight together against it; all government and private organizations serve their nation without any mutual differences.


At the end of 2019, a virus named COVID-19 was first detected in Wuhan, China’s city, with its devastating impacts on human lives and the economy. Its second-worst attack was on Iran and third on Italy, then, unfortunately, one after another, the highly developed, as well as developing countries, experienced. Earlier, China was considered an epicenter of this navel disease, but when it took control against the pandemic in its own country, it compelled the world to praise its strategies; as by imposing an effective lockdown of three months providing all food items to the public at their homes. On the other hand, it has established two new hospitals within fifteen days for infected people. Moreover, it is also helping its neighbors by sending a team of experts and other medical equipment to shorten the period of recovery. After China, Europe has become the epicenter of this navel coronavirus.

High death troll:

It took 121,793 people to death, and 460,238 people found it recovered until now, from 1, 947 856 confirmed cases worldwide. According to medical professionals, no specific treatment is in research to cure this disease. Still, social distancing is spreading through droplets of saliva or nose discharge or the droplets discharged through infected people’s coughing.

Economy comparable to after 9/11 financial crises:

For social distancing to prevent people from this pandemic, the government decided to impose Lockdown over the whole world. This Lockdown has been bringing the most significant economic shock after the 9/11 financial crisis in 2008, as it decelerates the world’s largest economy of China and the global economy, it is slowing down. International trade is dependent on China, currently; it’s all trading

Partners are vulnerable. This all leads to a decrease in the GDP rate globally. According to economists, the economy may take V-shaped or U-shaped, or even V-Shaped recovery.

Worst Impacts on Middle Class: Changing Regional and global dynamics due to COVID-19

The worst impacts of COVID-19 have seen globally and regionally as financial markets; industries, shopping malls, institutions, and sacred places, etc., except hospitals, banks, and grocery malls are closed. Doctors and people related to the medical profession, army, police, politicians, and bankers pay their duties as frontline soldiers to save their countries in this prevailing situation. Unemployment and starvation have been increasing abruptly as people who belong to the middle/ lower middle class have been facing difficulties to meet their needs. It is seen, by acting upon the rule of social distancing, people are going far away from their sacred places; hence, in this way, there is decreasing socialism.

Changing Regional and global dynamics due to COVID-19
Changing Regional and global dynamics due to COVID-19

Lack of hospitals: Changing Regional and global dynamics due to COVID-19

All the hospitals have filled with people mostly affected by COVID-19, and the people are suffering from other diseases facing difficulty getting appointed by doctors. The number of patients has been cumulative day by day, and the new issue about the lack of proper facilities in hospitals is observed. Affected people were also facing problems because of the shortage of ventilators in hospitals. And sadly, it has also been said that the number of hospitals is not enough for further patients to be admitted shortly. Even the world’s superpower has lost its control to stop the pandemic despite having hospitals in abundance, advance technology, and skilled doctors.

Authoritarian communists dominant over Neo-Liberal Capitalists:

As we know, the Chinese have taken control of this infection compared to other countries ruled by Neo-liberal capitalists. This scenario raises the question; why the Neo-Liberal Capitalists have failed to fight against this navel disease even they feel proud to have advanced technology. On the other hand, an elected government?. As it is evident, two people died per one million in China, while in Italy, there are 218, 214 for Spain, 15 for the US, and 35 for the UK.

Some Positive Aspects: Changing Regional and global dynamics due to COVID-19

Irrespective of its worst impacts, some positive effects have also seen as most people play an active role as a front line soldier. Politicians are severing their countries by providing food for the poor, for the people who were working on daily wages. They have also been organizing meetings on a national level for the sake of people’s safety and stabilizing the economy. Police have never been as active as before; the department was serving the whole day on roads to stop people from going outside without any substantial reason. Many of the people have arrested on account of disobeying article 144.

Globally Strengthen World Organizations:

This prevailing situation has globally strengthened the world to fight together against this pandemic. All government and private organizations are working to serve their nation without any differences. As the International Monitoring Fund (IMF) has announced immediate relief in debt for 25 developing countries to strengthen the response against COVID-19. In this way, emerging countries may concentrate on more financial resources to control the infection. World Bank (WB) has also introduced a $14 billion package for developing countries to shorten the recovery period to stabilize the economy.

Politics: Changing Regional and global dynamics due to COVID-19

Each country’s government has been introducing new funding programs and packages for the poor public, who were living on daily wages as Pakistani government has been helping under Ehsaas program” by investing twelve million dollars. In the same way, each provisional government has been taking immediate measures to protect the public by imposing Lockdown and providing food to the needy even at their homes; politicians themselves are visiting hospitals to check the required facilities. Moreover, they have been surveying through helicopters to make the Lockdown more effective.

Role of USAID:

USAID has not taken this pandemic less than a battle. It has been helping countless countries as it has committed $ 274 million to combat COVID-19. It has invited many other donors for the sake of contribution.

World Health Organization (WHO):

WHO is serving frontline by providing 1.5 million test kits to 126 countries. Introducing 6-multilingual courses (for the awareness of people over the root cause of COVID-19) reading 1.2 million people.

Climate Change: Changing Regional and global dynamics due to COVID-19

Another vast impact on climate change has been observing for the last three months. Carbon mono-oxide (CO) emitted from cars has been decreasing day by day. Under Lockdown as it is in reduction by 50% as compared to last year. Emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) from plants has also fallen as a significant role in reducing pollution worldwide. Its positive impacts on health should be observed.

Changing Regional and global dynamics due to COVID-19 Cleanliness:

To fight against this pandemic, since then, people are in more concern with cleanliness. Everyone is purchasing mask to cover mouth as well as sanitizers to keep their hands’ germs free.

Upper-Class Contribution:

The upper class’s remarkable performance are also in seen as busy taking care of low-income families. They are more united to help the middle class to meet their basic needs (food items).

The navel coronavirus had been throwing back the scenario of 1918 when Spanish flu had been taking the world to death troll until the influenza vaccine was not in our minds and working.

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