Best VPN of 2021

Best VPN of 2021

Best VPN of 2021

Are You Looking To Be Anonymous While You Are Online? If Yes, Then You Should Know You Have To Rely On The Best VPN. The Best VPN Of 2021 Will Cloak You The Way You Want. Now With The Help Of The Best VPN 2021, You Can Hide Your IP And Do A Lot More Without Anyone Noticing Your Presence Online.

Virtual Proxy Network Software Not Only Hides You But, In Turn, Improves Your Security. So, If You Are Looking To Protect Your Privacy, It Is Time You Go To The Best Virtual Proxy Network Tools.

Best VPN of 2021

Express VPN

This VPN offers some blazing speed, and it provides the best privacy solution. With this best VPN of 2021, you can get almost 30,000 IP addresses. Be anonymous with 60 locations and more than 3000 servers from 94 countries. It also offers fast connections as compared to other VPNs.

It also gives you five simultaneous connections. Now you can get it for free for three months as a trial version or buy it for a one-year plan. The ExpressVPN is our top pick. It is one of the best and the most reliable VPNs that you can have this year.


It is another VPN 2021 that has a lot of features. Its most interesting part is speed. So, if you are looking for a VPN that does not slow down your internet connection while surfing, this is it.

It has more than 3000 servers from 65 locations. It offers unlimited device support. However, there are no free trials. There is no one year plan; you can buy it for one month for $2.49.


If you are looking for a reliable connection for a long time and security, Nord is your tool. It offers 5000 IP addresses. The best thing is that it has more than 5000 servers from 62 different countries.

It has excellent performance, and it is much more reliable. With this VPN, you can get six simultaneous connections. It offers a 2-year plan for $89, which makes it $3.71 per month.


It is yet another excellent VPN of 2021. With this IPVanish VPN 2021, you get to enjoy more than 40000 UP addresses. It also has more than 1300 servers with more than 60 locations.

With so many servers, you get a highly reliable connection. What we like about this is it offers ten simultaneous connections. You can buy it for $5.2 per month for one year.


Last but not least, the best VPN of 2021 that you can trust is the ProtonVPN. It has a high-security standard. It offers great speed and has more than 1000 servers from 54 countries. You can buy it for $96 annually.

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