Best Electric Cars Coming In 2021

Best Electric Cars Coming In 2021

Best Electric Cars Coming In 2021:- The future of electric cars seems bright. With technology advancing day by day, the motor industry also seems to be growing a lot. This year, i.e., 2021, will be one of the most exciting years for the future of electric cars. With so many big names launching their vehicles, our pick of the top 5 electric cars will come in 2021. These will be some of the most technologically advanced cars yet to come. These are the most elegant and sophisticated eclectic cars that will come out in 2021.

  1. The Audi E-Tron GT

It will be Audi’s electric sports car. It is a battery-powered car. Previously Audi came with e-Tron SUV, which was also a battery-powered car. It will have a 582bhp for all four tires. It means that the car will speed up from 0 to 62 mph in only 3.5 seconds. The top speed that this car will achieve will be 240 Km/h. the car will have a 90kWh battery. With this battery, the car will quickly achieve 248.5 miles range. The price of this car is expected to start from $100,000.

  1. The BMW iX3

This one is the electric version of BMW’s X3. It is a small mid-range SUV. It is BMW’s bestselling car. It has a battery of 80kWh, which offers a 285 miles range. It is a two-wheel drive. It sends 282bhp to the rear wheels. It is a car that is good for road drive only. One of the best things that BMW offers is pre-order. Now the drivers and enthusiasts can book it for £58,850. The car will start the first arrival this summer in the UK.

  1. The Cupra El-Born

One of the best electric cars that will come out in 2021 is the Cupra El-Born. Cupra is a brand that focuses on the performance of the cars using the latest technology. It comes with a battery of 82kWh. The manufacturer claims that it will have a range of 310 miles. If it has that range, it will be one of the most efficient electric cars this year. The car speeds up from 0 to 31 mph in 2.9 seconds. The selling price of this car is expected to be £40,000 in the UK.

  1. Ford Mustang March-E

Ford came out with its first electric car in 2019. With the new model that will be out in 2021, Ford claims that it will send the car right from 0 to 60 mph in only 3.5 seconds. Also, the car will have a battery pack of two options. One will be with a mid-range or standard range battery, which will be 75.7 kWh. The other option will be the extended-range option for battery, with a 98.8 kWh battery pack. It will have a range of 370 miles. The price of this model starts at £40,350. The buyers can also pre-order it online.

  1. Lotus Evija

Last but not least is the Lotus Evija. It is an elegant car. It is stylish and looks like a million-dollar car. It will be one of the most powerful cars in 2021. The reason is that Lotus claims that it will have a 1973 bhp. It will speed up from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under three seconds with this much power. Its top speed will be more than 200 mph. Yes, 200mph and not km/h. If you are a sports car lover, this one is the best choice for the year 2021.

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