Belladonna Homeopathy Remedy

Belladonna Homeopathy Remedy

Belladonna Homeopathy Remedy

Common name: Deadly Nightshade

Source: Grows in Europe.

Parts used: Whole fresh plant

Ailments Treated:

  • Sudden complaints
  • Infections and inflammations
  • Cough worse due to talking
  • Throbbing pains
  • Flush red face, mouth, and lips
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Pounding headache
  • Boils
  • Teething pain
  • High fever

Belladonna and Fever:

It is included in intercurrent medicines. It is the first-line medicine for fever. Especially fever of children where there is fever with headaches and flow of blood toward the head. It covers the symptoms of fever and the side effects of high fever, in which often children have a fist. It prevents them, so child saved from the fist and its after-effects.

Belladonna and skin:

It is also the first line of medicine for skin allergies caused by sun and those who have Blades’ allergies. Red small-sized boils, hot and inflamed, are categorized in Belladonna, sweating only uncovered parts and red fever.

Belladonna and pains:

Its pains are throbbing, sudden comes and go, often due to inflammation. So it also covers the pain of inflammation of the stomach, liver, or pancreas—throbbing headache due to hypertension, sunstroke, and blood circulation toward the head.

Belladonna and Teething issues:

During teething issues, the children’s heads got sober, and they feel uneasy. In this, Belladonna is good medicine.

Use in Pregnant Women:

It is safe in pregnant women also; sunstroke, hypertension, throbbing pains recover by it.


Peoples those are sensitive to haircut or problems created after haircut are solved by Belladonna.

Constitutional Type:

Belladonna types are fit and very healthy people with excellent immunity. They are lively, good will power, happy living, and motivational. In a negative attitude, he becomes violent, obstinate, restless, angerful, and extremely sensitive.


Symptoms better with warmth, standing or sitting upright, from warm compresses

Symptoms Worse: On the right side, at night, with movement, noise, and in the sun.

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