Umar Khattab

Umar Khattab is an article writer, an educator, and also a part-time poet. His article and content writing career as a freelancer spans over 11 years. He started writing in August 2009 after completing his Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering. Besides working as a Teacher of computer sciences in College he also focused on his writing skills. It is his skills that he is trusted by clients from all across the globe. He has written articles for clients from the UK, USA, UAE, India, Morocco, and Italy. Having written more than Twenty Thousand articles for various clients for almost all the niches, he has plenty of experience and is capable of writing all kinds of articles. He believes that through his article writing not only he can provide the content for the websites or blogs but also inspire other people through his writing. You can connect with Umar Khattab on Facebook at, on Twitter @umarkhattab or his email

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