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What is AMAZON?

Amazon” is the world’s renowned online Enterprise which focuses on e-commerce, computerized gushing, cloud computing and expert systems. When we talk about its history, we will start by talking about its founder and his struggling journey. Jeff Bezos (a well-known entrepreneur) is the CEO of Amazon. He started his online business with the name of “Cadabra”. The importance of selecting this name is its origin which is “Abra ka Dabra” (magic). Afterwards, this name is changed to “Amazon”. Just like “Amazon” which is the world’s largest river. As, it is the world’s biggest online company. In 1995, He started online retailing by selling books because he thought that it is the universal purchasing product.

Later on, by focusing on customers demands and using his entrepreneur ideas, he added some more items on website for sale. He just worked on the formula of success which is “Conceive, Believe, Achieve”. He did what others think to do. That’s why Amazon online shopping has become the most reputed, valuable and competent company as well as the world’s most profitable brand in this emerging technology era. Now, one of the enormous five companies within the U.S. is Amazon

Which products is Amazon covering?

Amazon covers a large area of shopping haul. Amazon’s main product is selling e-Books. Besides this, Amazon sales out

  • Electronics
  • Software
  • Amazon Video Games
  • Amazon Studio
  • Amazon Music
  • Audio Books
  • Furniture
  • Toys
  • Food
  • Jewelry
  • Amazon Robotics
  • Alexa Internet
  • Amazon Air
  • Book Depositor

 Electronics include Kindle e-readerFire TabletsEcho devices, and Fire TV.


Benefits of buying Amazon products:

There is a large number of web stores which sell different products. Why we choose Amazon for shopping???? Customers have many fears about online shopping. , Moreover, when they start online shopping, they undergo the following fears:

  • Reliability:

Which online retailer is reliable. A firm’s reputation is an essential thing to justify the selection of an online shopping store. Amazon is famous for the most reliable online shopping place for the last two decades.

  • Availability:

After reaching a reliable online shopping place, the next fear is about the required product’s availability. Amazon is the biggest shopping store where you can find anything you want.

  • Quality:

Quality and quantity are the two main parameters for checking any product. Quality-wise, Amazon is the most favorite brand of customers. 

  • Cost:

In this technology era, There is enormous competition among the companies regarding the product’s quality and cost. Amazon is selling products at reasonable prices. 

  • Variety:

Along with quality and quantity, customers want variety. The firm which gives more variety will be the most favorite brand to everyone. Amazon provides quality and a variety of products.

  • Services:

The services of Amazon are as excellent as its products are

In contrast to this, Amazon has these good points which compel customers to do shopping from Amazon. It is one of the most compatible firms which meet customers’ demands. As well as, which online retailer is reliable. The reputation of a firm is the most important thing to justify the selection of online shopping store. In contrast to this, Amazon has five good points which compel customers to do shopping from Amazon.

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